Push notifications have emerged as a prime marketing strategy for businesses around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are having iOS users or Android users, you can send React Native Push Notifications to both.

But the question is, what is so special about push notifications?

Why are they being used excessively by both large as well as small-scale business owners?

Well, here are 7 powerful benefits of push notifications that will clarify your doubts.

  • Increases App Engagement: It doesn’t matter how many users have installed your app. If they are not showing their presence regularly, you will not be able to beat the sales target.

This is where push notifications can help you. All you need to do is to send your users an engaging push notification. This engaging push notification can be anything related to the urgency, fresh arrival, discount, etc. It can even be regarding an app update or a new feature. The point is to engage or reengage the user to your app and push notification can do it for you.

  • Increases Conversion Rate: If users are visiting your platform but are not showing any interest in shopping as they used to do earlier, push notifications can help you with. All you have to do is to send them push notifications containing a link that lands your user directly to the product or service of their choice.

This will motivate them to make a purchase right on the spot. This also lets your users know that you understand their needs. This will help to build trust. As a result, they will prefer your platform over your competitors for shopping in the future.

  • Target Right Users: It is of no use to reach an audience that is not interested in your products and services. This is where you can implement push notifications. The thing is, once you get the user’s permission to access their location, you are in a position to send location-specific push notifications.

This means you can target users based on the city, state, or even country. If you are having any specific offers or discounts that apply to users in a specific region you can reach them instantly through push notifications. You can further take things ahead through segmentation based on age, gender, etc.

  • Track Actionable Metrics: The good thing about push notifications is, they can track actionable metrics. Push notifications bring you complex analytics with data on delivery receipts, open rates, open times, engagement, etc.

You can use this data to know what is working for you, which product is in high demand, which notifications are opened more, what is the behavior of the user, and so on. This will let you come up with more of the things that work in your favor.

  • Enhance Brand Consistency: Push notifications are not only limited to sending alerts and suggestions. You can use push notifications to enhance your brand consistency.

You can do this by giving extra, value-added information about your brand. You can share your progress, brand history, or even brand vision with your users. This will help you to remain in the mind of your users. As a result, they will trust your brand and will prefer shopping from your platform.

  • Feedback: One of the best ways to earn the trust of users is by asking them their suggestions. This is where push notifications can help you. You can use push notifications for receiving critical feedback from your users.

This will not only help you to earn the trust of your users by building a solid relationship but will also let you know your shortcomings. This way you can fix the possible bugs from your app and improve it to give a better user experience.

  • Enhance User Experience: User experience plays a crucial role in growing a business. If you are providing a richer user experience, your customers are not going to leave your platform so easily. But if not they will look for some better option.

This is where push notifications can help you. Automated push notifications keep reaching your audience with updates regarding the current status of orders and shipment tracking. They keep them reminded about abandoned carts, upcoming sales, fresh arrivals, etc. This enhances their experience and makes them feel special.


Push notifications are one of the best techniques to boost your marketing. It doesn’t matter what industry you deal in, if you are having a business app, you can easily use push notifications to your advantage. They will not only help you with sales but will also help you mark your presence in the global business community.

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