Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since its introduction to the world by John McCarthy in 1956. The first AI developed was to learn how to play. Since then AI has been around and is being potentially developed to bring greater outcome. Artificial Intelligence has already being used by several multinational companies for their use, be it Microsoft, Amazon or Facebook. 

It is believed that the Future of AI in Social Media is going to be intriguing and might come with more useful applications

According to data 2.76 billion of users are found using Social media platforms and this is definitely going to rise in the near future. This includes exabytes of data processing. Artificial Intelligence has already contributed to Big data analysis and Natural Language processing and is already been used by different platforms.

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence is a realm of computer science and it is the ability to develop a computer program or machine enabling them to think, learn and react like humans.

The three basic types of Artificial Intelligence are                

  •  Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  •  Artificial General Intelligence
  •  Arificial Super Intelligence 

Social Media has completely changed how modern societies communicate with each other. Today’s generation may think that there is no real-life without social media. This will be mandatory after a few decades just like food and electricity. And AI can be a breakthrough technology for Social Medias. AI receives information in inhumane way. The data they process can be much much more than what we process in a limited amount of time.

# Coming to the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media and its impacts 

Many social media sites have started merging with smaller aspects of AI to boost performance and attract users.

AI Enhancing Social media Marketers

1. 24/7 Online presence :

For humans, it is impossible to manage all the social media pages throughout the day. This is why you can use AI with chatbots in order to respond to customer’s query and messages keeping online presence for 24/7. Chatbots can be used with custom responses to messages or queries. Chatbots are powered by Natural Learning processing and machine learning to fetch perfect response. 

2. Improved Audience Targeting :

Although Social Media is a grand platform today it is difficult to target audience perfectly. Many brands run paid ad campaigns to target customers and drive them to purchase the product they offer. All this audience and users data can be stored online and marketers are now aware of this technology to analogize audience data and use them to get a useful audience intuition like users behavior, social media usage and buying personas. This will allow identifying the right audience based on past buying patterns and behaviors and get better conversion.

3. Automation of Bidding :

These 3 steps are quite vital messaging,targetting audience and then bidding. Artificial Intelligence has given a good view of how to analyze the type of content to adjust the bid conveniently. AI can get a real-time understanding of the where to spend on marketing and which will provide exceptional performance in the future. This can ascend return on marketing investment.

  Marketers could be at risk because of the capability of AI. Sitting back and constantly contributing to changing bids are vulnerable. 

4. Content making boosted by AI :

AI can be used to analyze how the target audiences are engaging with your content and proposing for better suggestions. AI studies the genres of content a brand can post. Well using this feature can give you a good understanding of user’s buying habits and what triggers their purchasing decision and from where. Several companies have already started using AI to create content like The Washington Post, BBC, USA Today and many others.

AI has changed the way of marketing in Social Media platforms. From making future predictions to tell you relevant bought items like “ People who bought this Shirt also bought this shirt ” AI is made more capable and accurate. 

More or less every platform like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are using behavioral attitude to make users use their platforms frequently. If they can provide a solid user interface and engaging content you would obviously stick to that specific platform you like. If you are using Instagram then surely you can choose to pay for tools for example, you may buy Instagram likes from Thunderclap or from other sources to get easy growth. However before purchasing any tool try to grow on your platform organically.

It can fetch large data chunk and convert it into useful insights and analyze patterns and provide understandable data. Deep learning an application of Artificial Intelligence can also make better search results like places and people.

In simple language, Artificial Intelligence can make major contribution and supercharge the face of Social Media.

Closure :

Artificial Intelligence can be quite fascinating to use in social media as we have discussed the key factors of how AI can help achieve outstanding results if applied perfectly. I hope I could enlighten you on the grandeur of AI and Future of AI in Social Media. These tips can give you mileage in the future, so try to keep every aspect in  mind.

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