Avast being one of the top-notch antiviruses in the market provides you with the best-in-class features to avail of an antivirus. Recently, the Avast has introduced the Avast Safe Price, a browser extension for online security and shopping purposes. Although, if you want to know more about Avast, you can read the Avast Antivirus Review.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the Avast SafePrice and how to turn off safeprice if you don’t want to use it. You can go through the given below instructions to get rid of it.

A Brief Note on Avast Safe Price:

Avast has launched the Avast Safe Price for your online security and shopping. Avast Safe Price is a browser extension that lets you choose to look and buy across all the online vendors. However, this is a free extension and can be used by anyone. Basically, when online shopping became very popular, Avast Safe Price was introduced as a security measure to ensure you have the option to see and compare various online vendors for better offers and also buy at a cheaper price.

Besides, this also makes sure that you are buying from a trusted online vendor in a faster way as well as providing the prominent offers. Once you install the Avast Safe Price, then whenever you will visit an online store to buy anything, Avast Safe Price will show you offers on pricing across all the online vendors about the particular product.

Reasons to Like Avast SafePrice:

Apart from the above mentioned, there is a bundle of reasons that can make you like the Avast Safe Price. You can go through the below list for more details.

  • Importantly, Avast SafePrice will show the best price as well as offers you can get for a product online.
  • Also, you can get some outstanding shopping deals online.
  • You can use coupons while online shopping for a product.
  • To access the Avast Safe price, you don’t have to leave the browser.
  • Avast SafePrice is unobtrusive, as it will not show up anything when you are not shopping.

How can you get an Avast Safe Price?

With all such great features, anyone might be interested in installing the Avast Safe Price extension. So here is what you need to do to install it into your system.

  1. You can use the extension when you have installed the Avast Antivirus application in your system. You have to install it from the Customize menu that shows up before you install the application.
  2. However, you can also install the extension for your Google Chrome from the Chrome Webstore and it comes for free.

Permissions that Avast Safe Price Asks for:

However, the Avast SafePrice falls under the Adware category, so it needs some permissions which you need to accept to run it on your browser. Below are the permissions it asks for:

  1. To display Pop-ups ads.
  2. It will change the default search engine.
  3. Also, it will change the default homepage.
  4. To automatically update the Avast products in your system.
  5. On your system, it will allow publisher cookies to store.
  6. Also, it will change the default error pages of your browser.

How to Turn off Avast Safe Price?

After knowing so much about the Avast Safe Price, you must be impressed with its features. However, now you are aware of the fact that Avast SafePrice is an Adware, you might want to uninstall Safeprice. This might be because it may change some of the settings of the browser and it involves online payment. So, you might be concerned about the privacy of your personal data and want to remove Avast Safe Price. Here is how you can do it.

Remove from the Control Panel of the Computer

As you know, this extension is installed as a part of a client application. That is why you need to opt for a change in the installation from the Control panel.

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Settings.
  2. Now, tap on the Programs and Features button.
  3. Navigate and click on the Avast Free Antivirus.
  4. In the Toolbar, click on the Change.
  5. Once the windows open, now you have to find the Safe Price and uncheck the box next to it.
  6. Lastly, to modify the changes, click on the Change button which is located at the bottom.

This will ensure that the Safe Price is safely removed from the browser as well as the system.

Remove from the Browser Extensions

You can also try this alternative method to remove it particularly from your browser. However, the removal process varies depending upon the browser you are using. Given below are the ways to get rid of the Avast Safe Price from different browsers.

Google Chrome

Follow the steps stated hereunder to know how to remove Safeprice from Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome and then hit to the following site: chrome://extensions
  • From there, you have to find the Avast SafePrice extension and then remove it from the browser.
  • Lastly, restart your browser. Also, you can restart your computer

Mozilla Firefox

Go through these steps to know how to remove Safeprice from Firefox.

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser. Next, to remove the extension, you have to open the list of extensions of the browser. Hit to the following URL


  • Then click on the Extensions which are located on the left panel.
  • Navigate to the Avast extension and disable it by clicking on the three dots menu.
  • Then restart the browser.

Internet Explorer

Check out the cited below steps for how to remove Safeprice from Internet Explorer.

  • Open the Internet Explorer, followed by clicking on the Tools buttons which is present at the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Click on the Manage Add-ons.
  • Now, locate the Avast Safe Price and right-click on it followed by a click on the Remove option.
  • And lastly, restart the browser.

Summing Up

Avast Safe Price is indeed a good extension to work with. However, as it is adware as well as involves online payments, thus you might have some privacy concerns and also you might want to know how to get rid of Safeprice. So, you can follow the steps given above to turn off Safeprice from your system as well as from your browser.