As you know the Avast is one of the well-known and popular antivirus in the market, it offers its users a lot of features and options for securing your system and eliminating malware from the system. However, if you want to know more, then you can go to the Avast Antivirus Review

With its popularity and more demand, Avast launched SafeZone Browser. But in April 2018 Avast has put forward the successor of the SafeZone Browser that is the Avast Secure Browser thereby removing the former one completely from the market. 

Avast SafeZone Browser: Detailed Review

Avast SafeZone browser comes with outstanding features that provide you with the most secure browsing. Out of that, the best thing is that you will be getting everything in a single tray. Therefore, allowing you to quickly toggle between the features and extensions as well as operating them easily. 

However, the Avast SafeZone browser lacks some of the features and thus Avast advanced it with the Avast Secure Browser. So, you might be thinking is Avast Secure browser good? To know more about it, let’s just move to the next section of Avast Secure Browser Review 

Is Avast Secure Browser Good Enough for Users?

So, in this article, you will be introduced to the Avast Secure Browser review. So, you can go through it and get to know about the browser and know how you can put it to use.

Avast claimed that the new browser that they have put forward has many features. Also, it was designed keeping three basic things in mind and they are:

  • To improve the surfing speed of the browser.
  • Provide a good privacy option to the user.
  • Most importantly to protect the users from online threats.

All the above proves that the Avast Secure Browser is an efficient tool provided to you by the Avast which is hard to miss. Besides, it provides the anti-tracking, anti-phishing, anti-fingerprinting protection as well as it blocks ads. 

Although you might be thinking if it is compatible with all the Windows versions or not. Fortunately, the Avast Secure Browser is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 versions. The best thing is that you don’t have to download the Avast Antivirus to use it. 

Avast Secure Browser is a standalone product that means you can download from the official website without the Avast Antivirus or you can get it bundled with the Antivirus package.

Features and Extensions You Don’t Wanna Miss:

You might not know but just like the most popular browser Google Chrome, the Avast Secure Browser comes with a lot of variety of features and extensions which you don’t want to miss at all. 

So, let’s just not waste any more time and jump to the extensions and features that are provided to you by the Avast Secure Browser. 

    • AdBlock: As you can understand with the name that this blocks all the unwanted website ads.
    • Avast Passwords: This tool basically provides strong passwords suggestions and thereby storing it safely.

  • Avast SecureLine VPN: It basically secures your internet connection by integrating with the SecureLine VPN that is in the browser. Though, you have to keep in mind that you have to use appropriate VPN software for that.
  • Avast Bank Mode: Bank Mode allows you to toggle to a virtual desktop to online banking sites for secure access.
  • HTTPS Encryption Tool: This basically makes the website use HTTPS encryption. However, this is only possible when the site is having its SSL certificate only.
  • Privacy Cleaner: This feature in Avast lets you anti-raking protection by clearing the browser history by itself.
  • Video Downloader: Fortunately, you don’t have to download any third-party video downloader to download videos as the browser has its own. Besides, it can download videos from YouTube also.

Although the Avast Bank mode and the Avast Passwords are disabled by default. So to use them, you need to have Avast Security Programs in your system. Apart from that, the Avast Secure comes with some interesting extensions.

  • Anti-Fingerprinting Extension: This extension will not allow others to track your hidden data about the browser.
  • Anti-Phishing Extension: This extension ensures that there is no dangerous download as well as blocks suspicious websites.

  • Extension Guard Extension: This will block untrusted browser extensions that come with big promotional websites.
  • Flash Blocker Extension: It blocks the flash content that pops up when you access any site which in return will provide better speed while using the browser.
  • Stealth Mode Extension: Extension that makes sure that there are no cookies left stored on your computer.

Is Avast Secure Browser Better than Others?

So the next question that hits your mind is that with all those features and extensions available is this browser better than others in the market? Basically, the best browser known to you is Google Chrome, so let’s glance at Avast Secure Browser vs Chrome. 

Actually, the Secure Browser resembles in many ways just like Google Chrome. Although, if you are a Google Chrome fan, then it’s the best thing you can get. As this will make you more comfortable with the new browser. Perhaps, there are few differences between the Avast Secure Browser and Google Chrome which you need to know:

  1. You will be getting more security and privacy options in the Avast Secure Browser.
  2. Secure Browser showed better results in terms of the speed whereas for Chrome and Mozilla the results are not significant.
  3. However, the speed to load pages depends on the speed of the internet, here both the Avast Secure Browser and Chrome gave the same results.
  4. As discussed earlier, the Avast Secure Browser won’t allow any ads or flash files when you are accessing any websites. 

Summing Up

That is all with the Avast browser review, you now know about the worth of using the Avast Secure Browser. Because of the reason that Avast Secure browser is an excellent option to grab for secure and comfortable browsing. Besides, the browser is available to you as a stand-alone product. Therefore, you can easily switch from your present browser to the Avast Secure browser to avail of an advanced option of security and privacy.