No matter the device type or platform, everyone enjoys playing games in your leisure time. There are several platforms where you can play various interactive games. According to a recent analysis, experts have stated that there are some of the best iOS games that you can enjoy playing. So, it’s high time that you should get to the details. 

However, before getting to the details, you need to ensure that the games must be present in the official AppStore. The AppStore is the only dedicated store for apps and games, and they come directly from the desk of Apple Inc. Thus, they are safe to install and don’t contain any kind of malicious code. 

Types of Best iOS Games Available

If you observe the games and applications closely, then you will be able to understand that not all the games are made for the iPhone, some of them are also developed for iPad and iPod Touch. Thus, depending upon what device you own, you need to download the games. 

The Games for iOS

Let’s dive in and check the best iOS games. These games are readily available in the AppStore so you won’t feel any hassle while downloading and playing them. Furthermore, you can also navigate to the official websites of the games and click on the link, suppose for any card playing games. This link help you to download the game without any interruption.

Alto’s Odyssey 

It’s an adventure game that is released in the AppStore in the year 2015. The visuals are breathtaking and the controls are super smooth. You are designated as a character in the game and travel through high mountains. While travelling, you need to collect coins and it will increase the score. After that, you will be able to upgrade yourself with the help of the collected coins. 


It is an action-based game and you have to play a character and fight for your survival. In the game, your world would be a nature-fantasy. Just collect the chunks or rocks and power up your character. The voice-over narration, music, sound, graphics are just super. The starting soundtrack is unique and it has gained most of the people’s attention within a very short span of time.  The game is available for iPad, as well as iPhone. 

Genshin Impact 

Frankly speaking, no iOS users had expected this game to be launched in the year 2020. You need to play the lead role in the game, and you are given some magical powers. For survival and to fight against the enemies, you need to climb and glide through the mountains. Just download the game on your iPhone and get impressive entertainment full of action. 

Rome: Total War

It was once noted as one of the best PC games people have ever played. Now, you can play it on your iPhone. As the game was previously made for PC, the controllers were different. But, in this mobile version, the developers have made a variety of changes. The main change happened in the shortening of the game user-interface for the small screen. In the game, you will get to see different civilizations that belonged to ancient Rome. Just follow the instructions and play the game to change history. 

The Kingdom of Two Crowns 

It’s the story of a monarch riding on a horse. With the help of coins, you have to hire the local residents for bidding. Additionally, you can have some archers that will hunt animals for you. When the sun goes down, various types of characters and monsters appear. Their main intention is to steal the things, and you have to prevent that. Kingdom of two crowns is basically considered as one of the best iOS games, as the reports stated by the game experts. 

Peak’s Edge 

It is generally a strategy game that you have to play in a show box. They’re a bunch of little pyramids that will rotate on their own. With the help of the enemies, you have to thrash and blow your enemies away. Just send the enemies into oblivion to win and reach your goal. When you lose energy, various power-ups are available where you can recharge yourself and keep fighting. According to the levels available in the game, you will be powered by more than 25 skill sets, 30 types of armour to protect yourself against the enemies and other weapons. If you get the free version, then there might be advertisements popping up on your screen. That is why it is better to download the paid version that will be free from all kinds of ads. 

Maze Machina 

As the name suggests, the game is related to a maze. You have to play the role of a mouse running in the maze. But, after hearing the term “mouse” don’t assume that you will be left with a box made up of paper or cardboard and a cheese chunk at the end. The maze is a complex construction and your prime job is to collect the ultimate key, to reach the exit point. Just be alert that you don’t blow the key by mistake with a bomb. According to gamers, this game is also one of the best iOS games. 

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Additional Games 

There are also other games like starboard, P1 select, Kingdom rush vengeance, twin-fold and others that are easily available. Amongst all the best iOS games, you have to choose your ideal match. Before installing a game, make sure that you have enough space in your phone as iOS devices don’t allow any external storage facility.