iOS devices are user-friendly. If you are using an Apple mobile device for the first time, then there will be no issue at all for understanding the OS. But, when the device faces any type of technical issues, then there is always a chance of data loss. This incident happens randomly, and you might not be able to trace it at once. 

iTunes backup extractors will come in handy for recovering all the lost data. Without the help of one of these tools, you will never be able to recover them. No matter what PC operating system you are using, most of the tools are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh OS. Therefore, get ready to learn more about the data extractor or recovery tools for your benefit. 

To Begin with… 

For the recovery process, no matter what application you download, you have to know the supported file format of the setup file. When you are having Windows, then the supported file format will be in .exe format. For Macintosh OS, it will be .dmg. Getting this vital information will prevent confusion between the two execution files. 

iTunes is now officially obsolete. That is why the data extraction from iTunes will only work with the previous version of iOS devices. 

1. Dr Fone data recovery (iOS)

This application is designed as iTunes backup extractor, for the first time ever. All types of media files can be extracted from your iOS device. Some of them are like photos, videos, contacts, application data, chat heads and strings, call logs and many more. 

After the scanning phase is over, you can easily witness the preview of the lost and found files. There are mainly three sections from where you can extract all the lost files — It is from iTunes, iCloud and iPhone. After the extraction is over, you can print the logs of those files for future preferences. 

2. Phone Rescue 

Another fantastic application for extracting all the deleted files from iTunes. It supports both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The complete or premium version is available at a budget-friendly price. The paid version has basically two packages — One is for your personal use and the other is for your family. 

The application supports not only media but also more than 20+ file types. Even if you have the encrypted backup present in iTunes, but lost somehow, this app will help you to recover it, as well. In addition to that, this iTunes backup extractor also has the capability to recover the lost files from the iPhone, too. 

3. iBackup Extractor

The trial or the free version of this software has the capacity to extract more than 50 file types. Just like the others, this iTunes backup extractor named iBackup can bring back the voicemails, text messages, items related to the emails and many more. The UI is simple and easy to understand. 

The time span of data extraction is lesser compared to any other application. If you talk about the drawback, then the preview items are not clearly shown to you. Thus, you will not be able to understand what output you will actually get. Only after download, you will get the actual results. 

4. AnyTrans 

Data recovery experts believe that one must have this iTunes backup extractor application if he/she is using an iOS device. Apart from extracting the lost files, this application will also assist you in taking backup of your vital items to iTunes. The facility of accessing more than one iCloud account is just superb. Whenever you are replacing the current iOS device with a new one, then obviously the transfer of data is mandatory. This application will also efficiently serve the purpose. It comes with only one version and that is free of cost. 

5. iPhone Backup Extractor

Just like all the other applications, it is also an iTunes backup extractor that holds the capability of rolling back all the lost data on iTunes. Both Windows and Macintosh OS are compatible with this application. If somehow, the backed up data file is encrypted in the iPhone itself and lost, then no worries, this iTunes backup extractor software will take out all the data, and then present it in front of you. There is no free version of this application. You need to subscribe for the complete usage. 

6. Tenorshare UltData 

It is considered as one of the best backup data recovery application, or iTunes backup extractor applications, globally. Experts consider it as the best tool in the data recovery industry. The iTunes backup files that you have lost can be easily recovered with the help of this application. The recovery process is much more sophisticated if you compare this to some other application. 

Various types of selective options are there so that you can get your desired choices, regarding the backup. An astonishing thing is that this application will give support to the latest iPhone models and its pre-installed OS. If you talk about the time duration, then within a few minutes, the extraction will be done.

7. Coolmuster Data recovery 

With the help of just a single click, you can retrieve the necessary lost items like messages, call logs and many more. Regarding the data recovery, this software can be one of the best choices for you that supports every computer platform. Not for free, this tool has a reasonable cost that you can easily afford. While looking at the Windows platform, starting from XP, it supports Windows 10. 

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As the matter is about your vital data, then opting for the paid software version will be much helpful for you. Make sure you choose such an application that has the option of previewing the recovered data. This will help you to select, and then download it to your computer. Data priority must be your very first concern. So, you must not compromise with any type of pricing that is listed to the application.