When you surf the internet, there are various malicious websites that are ready to harm your computer. As a result, your system can get hacked and you might lose your personal information. That is why the protection of your computer is very important. There are various security software available in the market and you need to choose one of them. 

The antivirus software creates a shield and filters all the data packets that come from various websites. It also checks the traffic of the internet connection through which you are connected. Reports say that most of the Windows 10 users are facing severe threats. Thus, creating a secured Windows 10 system is mandatory. So, grab the best virus protection for Windows 10.

The Best Virus Protection for Windows 10 

The security applications or the antivirus software basically comes in two versions- one is the free-ware and the other is paid or premium. There is also in-built security software, hard to find and only comes with the host operating system. 

1. Windows Defender 

It is the built-in security application of Windows 10 OS. Most of the data experts suggest using this software on the very first attempt. Being the best virus protection for Windows 10, you must scan your computer with Windows Defender. In addition to that, you can also stay safe from malware and ransomware attacks. In addition to that, you must also update the software at least thrice a week to get all the latest virus definitions directly from Microsoft. 

2. Norton 360

Previously, it was known as Norton security. But now, it is called Norton LifeLock. The virus and anti-theft protection of this software are just spectacular. In addition to that, it also has its mobile security version. With the help of its safe browsing tools, the application has the ability to guide you through all the banking and other monetary transactions via a temporary browser. It is known as a sandbox. Moreover, password management, parental controls, and others are all in one mega pack.  

3. Bit defender 

Bit defender is such a kind of antivirus that has both a free and premium version. This security software has the ability of real-time monitoring. This activity will help you to get advanced protection against all viruses like malware, adware, spyware, and others. 

Bit defender has already built a reputation bypassing the AV-test in the independent testing lab. You can get the trial version to check the user-interface and the protection quality. If you like it, then install the premium version which is known as Bit defender Total Security 2020.  

4. Kaspersky 

From the independent testing labs, Kaspersky holds a better position, as well as the reputation of best virus protection for Windows 10. It is one of the best security applications for ransom-ware protection. The application control of the software allows you to run every software on your computer safely. The monitoring ability of the antivirus software prevents every ransomware attack. 

Now, coming to the monetary transactions, a safe, secure and temporary browser is available in the software. No hackers can track that information or get to know about the browser. Kaspersky basically has two kinds of security applications- one is the normal anti-virus (Total Security) and the other is Kaspersky Internet Security. It also has a mobile version that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. 

5. Panda Dome

100% tested antivirus scanning engine by experts. Panda Dome also has some additional features based on computer and data security. Some of the exclusive features are like file encryption, premium rescue kit, file shredder and many more. No malware can penetrate into your computer and encrypt your personal data. The rescue kit also performs the process of disinfecting your entire computer and removing all the infected items, from your computer as well as from the removable drives. 

More things to do…

Before choosing an antivirus program, make sure that you gather some valuable knowledge about malware, spyware, and adware protection. Try to check social media as most of the advertisements are given there. Furthermore, you can perform research on the internet and listen to the experts of various anti-virus testing labs. Here, you will come to know about all the details of the security applications, their testing procedures, and the testing results. 

Expert’s Suggestions 

Various data security experts suggest that you must choose the best virus protection for Windows 10. Make sure that you choose the premium version. In addition to that, if you are working remotely, then it is better to buy a VPN and work within it. A VPN is the virtual private network that secures all of your working activity and protects it from every unwanted intruder.