Artificial Intelligence is already making headlines with its modern features and art of the age excellence. It is gaining popularity and companies big or small are opting for it. Artificial intelligence survives on data. The dependence on data is so much that a pure program running needs recurring decision nodes. Just imagine, the number of data points each technique requires. For that, Blockchain is definitely needed.

Data accumulation is a prerequisite. The big companies can move out of the list if there are fewer data. On that regard, small companies or startups stand no chance. The tech giants Google and Facebook are advancing in the Artificial Intelligence every passing minute. This change in the global market is taking place because it involves a lot of costs. In addition to that, social and e-commerce platforms should collect data from users. Till date, only Google and Facebook could gain access to data from the users.

Tech Magnets Whispers

The current debate that is shaking the tech industry is the question of quality or quantity? It is true a lot of data is needed for improving A.I, but the quality of information is also important. Degrading data will cost a lot, and recently Google made headlines when it tagged Black people as gorillas.

In the present time, data management is going a sea change. It is teaching the programs the habit of recognizing voice texts, tweets, and pictures. Now, most of the people do not use excel sheet. The prime aim of the machine is to be flawless. Technicians want to make a device which will understand any command in one go, let that be a picture or an audio file.

Blockchain growth rate

However, a lot of improvement is necessary on the part of the machines. They are still in the nascent phase. In other words, choosing the better option is difficult. Another issue is that of trust. The users give away all their personal information to these machines. A slight error can make them vulnerable. We cannot take a risk with wealth, health and homes. We need useful data.

What does Data Artificial Intelligence Need?

It is true, excellent data will create better A.I. However, missing out on small details will occur a loss. The cost scale will go up. The experts handling A.I are aware of another problem. It is the ‘black box’. In simple words, when Artificial Intelligence finds an issue, it tries to fix the threat from the base. Hence, we need the blockchain.

The Importance of Blockchain

Keeping the issues of A.I in mind, we need Blockchain. It is a better option because it is transparent. The world can understand what data is being processed and how. It is decentralized. Hence, there will be zero chances of manipulation.

First world countries are improving  Blockchain. Engineers are discovering new uses of this ledger. The US is making efforts to learn about Blockchain security insurance. Likewise, the Republic of Georgia is syncing blockchain to transfer of property ownership.

The End Note on A.I

The Industry leaders and respective companies are progressing towards making a compatible and comprehensive Machine with Artificial Intelligence, and we are sure a change will come. However, the threats need to be removed from the core. In the nearing future, the work of drones and gadgets will increase. They will become the primary decision makers.

The factors behind the scene need to be addressed. Prescribing wrong medicine, showing the wrong location to air traffic, not recognizing people can come from wrong data or faulty data.

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