Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic after it started infecting people all over the world. Experts have suggested staying clean all day and to self-quarantine to get rid of this deadly disease. Washing your hands for at least twenty seconds has been incorporated in everyday routine. 

Use hand sanitizer as an alternative to hand wash. It’s all about keeping yourself and your surroundings clean. But, what about cleaning your home? You can’t apply sanitizer on everything or on every household items. That’s why you need to rely on professionals who are well experienced in Cleaning services.

Do Sanitize after Cleaning

Cleaning alone can’t prevent the risk of deadly viruses. Cleaning with soaps might be beneficial for your body but for non-living objects, this won’t be that useful. Research has shown that viruses can stay in aerosols for three hours, on plastic and steel surfaces for up to three days. 

So, experts have suggested washing your dishes with a considerable amount of soap and water, more often.

But, to ensure that the surfaces are free from germ for a longer period of time, sanitization is required. However, there is no use of sanitization without cleaning heavily soiled, greased surfaces at your home.

Firstly, you have to cleanse the heavily touched surfaces like tables, cupboards, doorknobs, handrails with a proper cleanser. Make sure that the cleansing product is suitable for your requirements. 

After that, you have to apply sanitizer. Ensure that you use the sanitizer or disinfectant to the right proportion. Otherwise, it might discomfort you. Use heavy-duty detergents for washing utensils in dishwashers. 

Dubai has a hot and dusty climate; hence everything gets dusty very easily. Opting for Cleaning services Dubai is a must for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Further, specks of dust can invoke respiratory issues and can invite deadly viruses, as well. It’s better to clean all surfaces before you sanitize them. Additionally, use soaps and detergent to wash tabletops, doorknobs, kitchen surfaces etc. Use acid-cleaner to get rid of dirt and lime traces from dishwashers, sinks, and ice machines. 

There are chances that wrong cleaning substances can react with the surface. For instance, you should not wash aluminium pans with high-alkaline detergents. Otherwise, the detergent can pit the surfaces. This expert advice is highly required.

Things to Remember while Cleaning…

Sanitize should begin only after cleaning. Keep in mind that a definite concentration of sanitizer might not be effective on each and every surface. Every surface has a different capacity of containing microorganisms. You need to maintain the concentration of the sanitizing substances while mixing with water.

In addition to this, take care of the temperature of the water. Go through the instruction label mentioned on the sanitizer container. After preparing the solution, apply the sanitizer over surfaces. Don’t wipe off the surfaces, furthermore. Chlorine iodine, acid-detergents, and quaternary ammonia are the mostly used sanitizers for home and offices.

Mostly, the effect of sanitizer remains from ten to fifteen days depending upon the cleaning, pH level, types of surfaces. Get better results with chlorine-based sanitizer that consists of sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of five per cent.

More amount doesn’t mean good for health. You can find the best results if you follow the guidelines on the sanitizer container. If you are not that confident, let a professional handle all these tasks for you. For a stress-free cleaning and sanitizing service, book a service at Dubai-Cleaners. Stay clean, stay healthy. Beside that, if you are looking for Maids in Dubai you can also contact us.