Digital marketing plays a huge role in modern communications. This area is growing every year, creating more and more professions related to it. The sphere is growing so rapidly that experts barely have time to follow the innovations that appear day by day and stay on trend. To keep abreast of all the latest events, use the most in-demand digital marketing tools and work effectively, we suggest you figure out: what are the digital marketing trends in 2022?

Focus on personalization and user interests

As you probably know, Google has been focusing on personalized content selection for quite some time now. For example, in the Google Feed, which appeared in 2018, at first only current news was displayed. However, then the algorithm was updated and the most interesting content for them began to be displayed to users. This is how the Google Discover recommendation feed appeared, which is available to mobile users.

The personalization trend is relevant for all types of commercial communication, including advertising. It is very important for advertisers to accurately target personalized offers to hot audiences. Meanwhile, Google is actively developing retargeting / remarketing technologies and adding new opportunities for studying, customizing and optimizing the audience.

Let’s take a look at an example. If personalized content is set up correctly for travel fans of driving a rented car, the tape will independently tell you where, for example, the BMW car rental in Dubai is. Thanks to the right settings, the user will not only see such an ad as news, but also learn about all the charms of how profitable it is to rent a car, what a wide selection of cars are ready to provide rental services and how much profit the consumer will receive by choosing their organization.

Reducing the role of manual control and automation

Some time ago, automation tools were used by those advertisers who do not have enough experience, who do not understand how to set up contextual advertising. Now Google is gradually turning off manual control and introducing more and more automation tools.

So, for example, during the launch of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, by default, auto bidding strategies are applied, available for all types and formats of advertising. For example, when launching a search campaign in Google Ads, the system automatically selects the “Maximum Conversions” auto strategy.

The rise of video advertising

According to Cisco research, video will account for over 80% of internet traffic in 2022. This explains the sharp increase in the popularity of the video format of advertising.

For example, in 2020, Google has a new video discovery ad format. This option demonstrates the product / service / brand next to the content that the target audience is viewing. The video format is now called “Video Ads in the Feed”.

Opting out of cookies and new Google ad targeting technologies

In 2023, Google plans to disable cookies in the Google Chrome browser to protect users’ personal data. This step will make collecting information about website visitors more difficult. Advertisers may experience a decrease in the effectiveness of auto strategies that used visitor data for precise targeting, difficulties with channel monetization. Also, for advertisers, the data collected during questionnaires and user surveys will become more valuable. The role of CRM-systems in collecting information about customers will grow. And also there will be new tools and technologies in digital marketing.

So we talked to you about some of the digital marketing trends of 2022. Remember the importance of personalized communication and information flows, be in trend. Successful sales!