Have you bought a new pair of headphones or speakers? Then, you must test the device on your computer. But, after testing are you receiving the “failed to play test tone Windows 10” error message? Then, you are not alone who is facing this troublesome situation. Recently, many Windows 10 users have reported facing this problem. 

So, how can you fix this glitch? There are a few common hacks like updating your OS, drivers that might come to your mind. But, these methods are not enough to resolve the issue. So, to begin with, you need to know the actual reasons behind it. 

Various form of “failed to play test tone Windows 10” Error

The error might appear in various forms. Let’s get to know the proper reason. 

The Audio failure regarding the Test Tone

Sound blaster, DTS Audio, IDT, Realtek Audio, etc are some of the audio applications that come preloaded with your computer. If you fail to test the system audio, then the pre-loaded audio software drivers might be outdated or corrupted. 

The Role of USB

Faulty or damaged USB might not detect the external sound devices. Thus, your system might fail to play the test tone. In the terms of the USB, you might have to take the assistance of professional computer experts. 

The Failure of HDMI Audio

If the HDMI audio port is not transmitting any sound, then you might not be able to run the playtest tone. In such a scenario, the graphics card can be responsible for the failure. Updating the drivers might fix the issue. 

Issues with the Dedicated Sound Card

The dedicated or built-in sound failure might result in no play test tone. In such a situation, you may have to change the sound card or update the drivers. 

The Effective Solutions to Fix the Error

Hopefully, you have a brief idea about the issue and why it’s occurring. Now, let’s get to the effective solution or the troubleshooting methods that will help you to fix “failed to play test tone Windows 10”. 

  1. Repair or replace the Speakers

    In the case of a laptop, if the speakers turn out to be faulty, then you need to take the assistance of the official service centre. And, for desktops, check out the faulty area of the speaker, if it’s repairable, then go for it. If not, then replace the speakers with a new one. Now, you might not face the “failed to play test tone Windows 10” message. 

  2. Rollback the Drivers to Default Mode

    If the drivers become corrupted or outdated, you need to take care of them at the earliest. Rolling back the drivers to normal working mode needs the Device Manager. Locate the sound driver adapter, right-click on it to uninstall it first. Following the same procedure, you have to update it. If you need any additional changes, choose “Scan for hardware changes” to get further information. 

  3. New Driver Setup Files

    Based on the previous suggestions, you can update the drivers from the Device Management section. In case, the automatic download fails, you have to go to the setup files manually, check for any driver discs. If you cannot find one, visit the manufacturer website to update them. Now, a fresh installation of the driver setup files has the maximum chance to eliminate the “failed to play test tone Windows 10” error. 

  4. Change the Sound/Audio Format

    The built-in option of the playback device in the computer will assist you in changing the audio format. Locate the sound icon from the system tray. Right-click on it and choose “Playback devices”. Select “Speakers” and open its properties from the sound window. From the section of default format, select the high sound frequency and finish the task by clicking on the OK button. If you see that the high-quality mode is already selected and still you are facing a “failed to play test tone Windows 10” message, then restore the settings to its default mode. 

  5. Turn off the Audio Enhancements

    The Enhancements tab that is present in Speaker Properties has the direct option. Navigate to the Speaker properties, disable all the enhancements and save changes. After that, play the sound test and check whether everything is in the correct order or not. 

  6. Turn off Sound Specialization Mode

    The exclusive sound control of any computer helps you to modify the sound equalizer automatically. This happens only when you are playing a media file, and it is known as the Exclusive mode. And, you will get this Mode in the Speaker Properties’s Advanced tab. Disable the option so that the Exclusive mode doesn’t allow the applications to take control over the system audio. 

Are you planning to Run the Troubleshoot option?

Several experts believe that running the system troubleshoot option might help you to eliminate the “failed to play test tone Windows 10” error. The Update and Security option has access to the Playing Audio Troubleshooter option. Initiate the process and wait for some time. When errors get detected, resolve them with the help of on-screen instructions. 

Stop using Third-party Audio Enhancer

You might like to use any third-party audio enhancer for enhanced sound effects, but they also have the ability to corrupt the drivers. And, thus the “failed to play test tone Windows 10” error might appear. So, disable the application for some time. After the audio testing process is over, you may turn it on, once again.