Provided that your device fulfils the requirements, it is ideally not supposed to face issues while running Borderlands 3. After all, there are no problems with the game itself, and it has a smooth operating system. And, that’s one of the reasons it has been so well-received by players. However, that seemingly doesn’t stop devices from crashing while running it. Regardless, you need not worry, if Borderlands 3 keeps crashing the system.

It’s not that difficult to fix crashes all by yourself. You don’t need to be some kind of expert for doing that. You might just need a little help. Here, you will find all the viable methods to deal with this issue.

Why Borderlands 3 Keeps Crashing Your PC and How Do You Stop It?

To get a long-lasting solution, you need to understand what causes the problem. Now that would differ from one user to another. Therefore, you need to put some effort on your part to find and apply the right solution in your case. The rest of the process would be quite easy. There are simple solutions for pretty much all the causes of the problem that you’re facing.

  • Low Device Memory

As you know, every program you run on your device occupies a certain amount of RAM. So, there’s a limit to the number of programs you can run at one time. You need to leave enough resources for Borderlands 3 to run without any issue. Apart from programs, other components use the RAM as well. You need to deal with them to get to a solution to the problem.

Background processes

Your device runs various processes in the background while you’re performing a task on the screen. But they don’t necessarily have to keep running. You have the choice to let them run or disable them. In this case, you must obviously choose the latter.

Go to the Taskbar to find all the running processes. Close all of them or at least as many as you can, including Borderlands 3. Once you’re done, start the game again. Provided that you have cleared sufficient memory, the game should run without any issues now.

Cache and temporary files

Apart from processes, you can also do away with cache files. These are pretty much useless to you, all they do is take up the RAM. In some cases, they can take up quite a big amount of memory. Therefore, you need to keep clearing them from time to time as they’re generated whenever you use various apps.

Temporary files work a little differently from the cache, regardless of that, you need to get rid of them as well. You’ll find them in the C-drive of your device, select the folder and delete it. Also, remember to empty the recycle bin as well. After all, the files use memory even when they are in the Trash. Furthermore, you will surely find an improvement in the device’s performance after doing this.


The system has limited resources that are allocated to various programs. Usually, the allocation process is based on the requirements of the particular program. Suppose a situation, the device is running multiple programs that need more resources than Borderlands 3 when combined. In that case, it will provide other games more resources. However, you can change that by setting Borderlands at a higher priority than the other programs.

To do this, you have to go to the Taskbar. Don’t forget to launch the game before that, or you won’t find it there. Right-click on the program to access Priority options. If you want, you can set it to the highest. Otherwise, it would usually be enough to keep it just above normal.

  • Bugs and Glitches

Even though Borderlands 3 works without issues in general, it’s not completely free from bugs. That’s the only shortcoming that you can ever find in it. So, if your system gets crashed whenever you’re playing Borderlands, chances are that it’s due to a bug. In that case, the solution is simple — download patches. Go to the developer’s website to look for recent releases and install the latest one. You should see a considerable improvement after doing this. If you don’t, then there are some more issues that you need to deal with.

  • Graphics Settings are Unsuitable

One of the most common reasons why devices fail to run games safely is the graphics. Are you playing Borderlands 3 at the highest settings? It should have a little higher level of specifications than the game requires. Depending on that, you might have to lower the settings a little, to be able to run it without any trouble.

You have to change only those aspects that can affect the performance, such as frame rate. Also, you must remove the chat overlay as it takes up a considerable amount of RAM. After you’re done with the changes, you need to close the game and start it again. Provided that you’ve optimized the settings to the device’s suitability, it shouldn’t be crashing anymore.

  • Wrong Driver

Since the graphics are a significant part of the game, you have to give attention to the graphics driver. You need to make sure that you have installed the right one needed to run Borderland 3. Otherwise, you are bound to face issues in running the game.

Most likely, you have been using an outdated version of your video driver. If you simply update it, that would provide a long-lasting solution to the problem. There are many software out there that can help in keeping all the device drives up-to-date, you can get one of those. Otherwise, you can always choose to do it manually from the Device Manager.

  • Conflicting Software

Even though this is not very common, your device’s performance could be affected by two conflicting software. In case you’ve never encountered this borderland 3 keeps crashing issue before, it’s quite simple. You might have downloaded software that can’t function in the presence of a particular program on your device. In such a case, you need to get rid of at least one of them to resolve the issue.

Troublesome Apps

Have you downloaded an application that isn’t quite safe for your device? In case you’re not aware of it, you need to find out. Now, there is no means to do that other than your observation. If you’re too confused, you might just want to remove the program you installed right before facing the problem. It would most likely be the culprit. If that didn’t work, you need to turn your attention to other apps.


In some cases, the antivirus might be the conflicting program you’re looking for. What do you do in such a case? The program might have identified a game file as a threat. However, that isn’t always necessarily true. So, you can simply find out the file in the blacklist and remove it from there. Depending on which antivirus you’re using, you should also be able to set it to not blacklist particular files. You can also disable the program while playing the game if that seems viable.


The solutions given here are the easiest ones to try if Borderlands 3 keeps crashing your device. Even though you can find other fixes as well, you must try these first. They can provide you with a fast and effective solution.