While using Canon printers, you may face errors. Among various errors of Canon printers, Canon printer error 5100 is one of the most frequently occurring. The error may occur due to many reasons. To know the reasons responsible for the occurrence of this error, you can have a look at the section below.

If you are one of them who are frustrated due to this Canon error 5100, then no need to worry. Because there are numerous ways that can help in eradicating this error. Just go through the entire post to get rid of this error permanently. 

Reasons Behind Canon Printer Error 5100:

We have found the following causes that probably affect your Canon printer with the error code 5100. Have a look at the reasons and try to distinguish which cause has initiated the Canon printer error 5100.

  • The main issue is a paper jam in the Canon printer.
  • Any packing material left inside the Canon printer can easily intricate error 5100.
  • Improper fitting of the ink tank can arise the error too.
  • Dirt may be clogging the path of your Canon printer. 
  • Maybe, your Canon printer requires a reset operation.

These are the known causes behind the Canon printer error 5100. There can be more causes apart from all these.

How to Fix Canon Support Code 5100?

There are mainly 3 ways to get rid of the Canon error 5100. You need to perform the fixes according to the cause behind the malfunctioning of your Canon printer. If you couldn’t make out the reason, then don’t panic. 

Go through all the available solutions stated below, one by one. These would surely solve the error 5100 on your Canon printer.

Fix 1: Reinstall the Ink Cartridges

If you are checking whether the ink cartridge is wrongly placed and found that it is not properly seated, then you need this fix. Follow the guidelines listed below to accomplish the task.

  • Open the ink cartridge access area of your Canon printer. 
  • Watch out if there are dust particles.
  • Clean up the area. Take out the ink cartridge from the cradle.
  • Wait for a while and then again place the ink cartridge to its place.

Now, restart your Canon printer and check out if the same error is appearing. If no, then the problem is solved. Otherwise, you are requested to move on to the next fix.

Fix 2: Clean Up

If error 5100 still persists, then you can give this hack a chance. You need to simply clean some areas inside your Canon printer. Check out how you can go through the cleaning process.

  • First, gently open the front cover of the Canon printer.
  • Check if there is any dust particle over there. 
  • You may also find some objects like pieces of paper, debris, or clip. Remove all these materials if found.
  • Clean up the area with proper care.

Now, look out if the error 5100 still appears. If it vanishes, then the error might have occurred due to dirt and all. But if it persists, then give the next solution a try.

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Fix 3: Look Out the Timing Strip

If none of the above fixes were helpful to your Canon printer, then you can surely try this fix. You have to examine the time strip and find out if any dust or dirt is attached to it. You can notice the timing strip as a plastic object situated at the front of the driver belt of your Canon printer.

Additionally, you need to look out another strip that quite looks like the timing strip. It comprises of black lines on it. Check out if that strip has any dirt or ink over it. Clean the strip carefully with a clean cloth.

Now start the printer and try to print something. The error must have gone after all these fixes.

Hopefully, after applying the steps carefully, Canon printer error 5100 gets resolved on your printer. If it still persists, then you should take help from a professional tech expert to eliminate this error from your Canon printer without any hassle.