PTT or Push-to-Talk is a service that helps you in controlling the background noise while you are talking to your friends over Discord. But, sometimes Discord Push-to-Talk not working can bring you many troublesome situations. Discord comes in handy when you and your friends are playing the same game. 

Anyone in your group of friends can create a server and play the role of the host. On the other hand, the rest of you will then act as a client. To fix the issue, you need to go through some of the most effective troubleshooting processes. And, all of them are given below:

  1. Investigate the Voice and Video Panel

    Open Discord and click on the gear-shaped icon, it denotes the Settings. Now navigate to the Voice and Video settings tab and to find out the Input Device drop-down menu. There you will find two options — One is the Default, the computer speaker will be used for delivering the voice and the other one is the microphone. 

    The microphone option will only appear in the list when a headphone or a headset is connected to your computer. To listen carefully and clearly, you must increase the system volume to a minimum of 75% more than the default system volume. Now, from the drop-down list, first, select Default and check once again. After that, select the Microphone and click on Let’s Check. 

  2. Make your Headset Default

    In the previous point, you have learnt to set the headset to default and test it in the Discord application. But, that is not enough. You need to set your headset mic to the default listening and speaking device from the system as well. Discord Push-to-Talk not working might never occur again. 

    Access the Sound option from the Settings. There you will find the choice for the input device. Select the drop-down menu to choose the name of your headset. Now, try out the PTT function once again and check whether everything is functioning properly or not. 

  3. Investigate the Administrator Settings

    If the Discord is not set to the Administrator mode, the PTT will not function properly. So, you must focus on the application and grant the system admin rights. If you haven’t yet opened the application after the installation, then it will be easier for you to grant every administrator rights. But, if you have opened it already then you need to close it now. You can see the Discord shortcut present, right-click on it and run it as administrator. Hopefully, you will be able to solve the Discord Push-to-Talk not working. 

  4. Re-check the Keybind Set

    The Keybind set consists of the input mode, shortcut and the option of PTT delay. The Keybind Settings are present in the Voice and Video Settings. You can either tick mark the voice activity and the Push-to-Talk both at the same time or one after another. In between them, the testing of the microphone and voice is necessary to check whether the PTT is working or not. 

    If necessary, you can also access the Keybind Settings to add more than one PTT option. After entering the Keybind Settings, select PTT in the Normal mode. Once again, test the sound and make sure the issue of Discord Push-to-Talk not working is still persisting or not. 

  5. Reset the Voice and Video to Default Mode

    A quick reset procedure might eliminate the Discord Push-to-Talk not working issue. To do so, you need to open the application and access the Voice and Audio settings. On the application, try to find out the Reset Voice Settings. Click on it and the Voice mode will reach its Factory settings. 

  6. Update the Audio Drivers

    Outdated audio drivers might resist you in availing of the Discord PTT facility. That is why you need to update all the audio drivers. Not going into many complicated processes, just download the drivers from the computer manufacturer’s website. Make sure that those drivers are compatible with your OS and also its bit version. After the download is complete, install the drivers. When you install the new drivers, the new files will overwrite the outdated drivers. Reboot your system so that the changes can take place. 

  7. Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

    You can easily eliminate the issue of Discord Push-to-Talk not working by removing the application completely from your system. The complete uninstallation will also remove the Discord system files as well. With the help of the Control Panel, you can do it. After the process is over, restart your computer. 

  8. Eliminate New Applications

    In case you have newly installed any applications, then it might interfere while communicating between you and Discord. As those applications are of no use to you right now, then uninstall them for the time being. After completing the work with Discord, you will easily install them once again. It will be a wise idea to keep the setup files of those applications stored in your computer to make the installation faster.


To avoid any type of errors in online video and voice applications like Discord, you need to get the setup file for the installation from a safe and secure website. Furthermore, a few experts believe that keeping your system safe can also prevent any type of interruption. In order to do so, you need good antivirus software to get protection against unauthorized threats. 

Last but not least, your system must be clean and free from any junk and cache files. Those files somehow help some applications to run. But later on, they eventually create problems for other applications to run properly. So, clean them up by accessing the temporary folder from the computer’s system drive.