Huion is a digital device developing company that produces digital pens, tablets and others. Among the lot, the Huion pen has gained much popularity amongst all the professionals. But, they are also worried about the issues that take place with the pen. Faulty batteries, malfunctions in the host system, digital ink, drivers, pen compatibility, USB ports and other such reasons are responsible for the Huion pen not working. Now that you know about the causes, proceed to the troubleshooting steps. 

Details of the Causes 

First, you have to look at the battery of the pen, due to a weak power source, the pen sometimes refuses to work. The second cause is the system that goes into error mode. This cause is not at all complicated as every computer reaches an error state, once a while. So, you need to detect faults in your system. 

Huion pen has a nifty feature that is generalized as digital ink. This ink helps you to draw on tablets and phablets as well. This feature is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Due to some incompatibility issues, you might not be able to draw with the pen. Now, coming to the driver issues, installing incorrect or malfunctioned drivers also led to various problems. 

Recheck the Pen and Host Device 

Before opting for the fixtures, make sure that the host is working properly. The host might be a touchscreen computer, tablet or a phablet. On the other hand, you also have to look for any physical damage that might have taken place. 

Fixing Huion Pen not working

Let’s have a look at all the best possible ways to resolve the issue. Your first and foremost step is to go through all the methods. After that, implement all of them, very carefully. 

  1. Taking care of the incompatibility issues

    Regarding every computerized device, compatibility amongst the devices plays a crucial role. Therefore, you need to check the compatibility between the Huion pen and the host tablet or the computer. Further, not all the Huion pens will be compatible with all the devices. That is why it is better to check the Huion official website and go through the compatibility details.

  2. Checking the Batteries

    Checking the power source is one of the most primary steps towards the Huion pen not working. Hold the pen and give a twist, it will open in two halves. Now, hold the pen upside down and the battery will eventually come out. Simply, replace it with a new one. If the battery is rechargeable, power it up. Hopefully, the pen will work smoothly. 

  3. Reboot the System

    No matter what compatible device you are using to connect the pen, the power cycling of the device might fix the Huion pen not working. Follow the necessary steps to perform it. After that, activate the pen, connect it to the system and check whether the pen is working or not. 

  4. Activating the Support to the TabletPC

    The built-in support application comes along with the pen. Before using the pen for the first time, you need to install the application on your tablet, phablet or touch PC. When the Huion pen not working, open the application and you will see a list of different types of options. Find out the Support TabletPC option and enable it.

  5. Immobilize the Digital Ink System

    Sometimes the ink system of the Huion pen can create a glitch. Therefore, it is obvious that you must turn off the feature to eliminate the Huion pen not working situation. Navigate through the external devices section and find out the Pen and Windows Ink section. 

    There are a lot of options available. Tick mark on “Show visual effects” and “Show cursor”. Leave the check box blank for the other two options. Last but not least, set the handwriting priority to medium. 

  6. Refurbish the Drivers

    Huion’s official support website has all the driver software. These drivers are the latest version and you will not face any issues after installing them on the host device. After the successful installation, restart the device and the pen. Connect them and check whether everything is working or not. 

  7. Inspect the USB Slots

    There are some Huion pens that work with the help of wires. The wires are connected to the system through the USB. When the Huion pen not working, there must be some issues with the USB slots. Unplug the pen, look for any other USB device and try to connect it. If any USB slot is not working, then contact a computer hardware expert to fix the issue. 

  8. Indispose the Sleep Mode

    Your PC saves energy with the help of sleep mode. In addition to that, if you get busy with other work, the computer pauses the work with the help of the Sleep mode. The Sleep mode also restricts the activities of the Huion pen. You can experience the Huion pen not working, access the power management functions of your computer. 

    Under the category of related settings, you can see the “Additional power settings” click on it and it will display the two options – One is about turning off the display, and the other is putting the computer to sleep mode. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Never” and save the changes. 

Additional Information 

The battery that you use in the pen is of AAA size. Therefore, make sure that you use no other battery and it must be of good quality. If it is rechargeable, then well and good. The positive pole of the battery must face the pen’s tip and the negative pole should be on its opposite side. 

If the pen’s battery is non-removable, then you have to use the pen very carefully. Never overcharge the battery as it decreases its life span. Before connecting it to the device, make sure it is fully charged.