Your device has to fulfil some requirements to be able to run a game. Moreover, the requirements can be of a wide range depending on the games, provided that your PC has sufficient specifications, it should be able to run Rainbow Six Siege without any trouble. It usually runs without any problem and is very fun. However, that’s not always the case from what it seems. Many players have reported that the game is crashing on their devices. If you’re facing the same repeatedly, you need not worry as there are some ways to prevent it. Keep reading to know about the simple ways to stop Rainbow Six Siege Crashing on your PC.

Rainbow Six Siege Crashing: Causes and their Solutions

When any game that you’re trying to run crashes on your device, there can be many smaller problems behind it. You need to find them out to understand the issue better, that way you’ll know the way to solve it. Luckily, that’s not so difficult and you can do it yourself even as an end-user. You just need to apply the right fixes for each issue.

  • Low RAM

The RAM is a crucial component that you need to give attention to, especially for playing games. If you want optimal performance, you have to make sure it has sufficient space. The higher the free RAM, the faster will it work. That, in turn, will make the game run smoothly and without any issues. 

In the opposite situation, the device will lag frequently and even crash, as in your case. Now, R6S can be a little demanding, depending on your device specifications. Therefore, you need to make sure there is enough free RAM for running it without any problem. It can be low on this aspect due to various reasons.

Background programs

Are you playing the game while various other processes are running? Even in certain cases that’s not the only problem, it still contributes to the crashing. It takes up a considerable part of your RAM, depending on how many processes you’re running. Therefore, you need to close all of them. That would surely be effective in solving the issue or at least contribute significantly to the solution.


The apps that you’ve installed on your device might occupy a good amount of RAM. Web browsers use up among the highest amount of memory among all of them. You might want to make sure that the one that you’re using isn’t doing so. If need be, you can also start using a different browser.

Apart from that, you also need to delete all cache files that are generated by them. Are there any applications that you don’t use that frequently? Then, you might want to remove them as they can occupy a lot of space in the memory. If you don’t want to do so, you can simply disable the background functions for them.

  • Software Missing

The various software that you already have installed on your device may not be enough to run the game properly. If it crashes repeatedly, that may indicate that you need to add some more. That is quite a normal requirement for many recently-released games. Find out the software you need to stop Rainbow Six Siege Crashing and install it. 

If you’re wondering where to find this information, you can check the place where you downloaded the game. Sometimes, you may not find it right there. In such cases, you’ll surely find it in the game setup instructions. That means you might have to go through that process again.

  • Outdated Graphics Driver

Various components of the device are in use while running a game. The system requires drivers to be able to fully utilize their capabilities. Not only that, but you also need to have the right version installed. Older ones may work, but they won’t last long, and you have to upgrade them at some point. So, if a game crashes the system and you can’t understand why it might have something to do with this.

Since the graphics card is very important for playing a game, you must check on its driver first. Many users often don’t give this aspect the attention it should be given. If the driver is fairly old, it’s time for you to look for newly released versions. Installing the latest one can fix Rainbow Six Siege Crashing. Moreover, it would also be a long-lasting solution.

  • Broken Game Files

When a game crashes suddenly while you’re playing it, this might be an indication of a damaged file. If that’s the case, the issue would remain until you repair those files. One way to do that easily would be through Steam. Select R6S in the Library and scan the local game files for damage with the “Verify…..” option. Once it detects all such files, it’ll get on with repairing them. This will take a fairly short time, depending on the amount of damage to be repaired.

Are you unable to work through the above-mentioned method for some reason? You might want to refresh all the files then. This is a simple way to get rid of the file that’s affected instead of just repairing it. To do this, open the R6S game folder and remove all of the files except the executable one. Then, click on the remaining file, and it will start automatically downloading the others again. Now, these would obviously be free of any issues.

This method would also be viable for removing files that have been corrupted by viruses.

  • Overheating

There can be many factors behind performance issues in your device. When it comes to crashes, you can’t leave out overheating of the CPU as a cause. After all, it is one of the most common reasons behind that issue. This applies to Rainbow Six Siege Crashing as well. A lot of users have reported they were able to solve the problem by preventing overheating. You might want to give it a try as well.

Check the CPU for understanding the cause of heating up so much. It might be caused due to dirt accumulated on the fans. As a result, it hampers their function to keep the CPU cool. If that’s the case, clean it properly and remember to keep doing this once in a while. Is it already clean? Then, there might be some other reason for the issue. Maybe you need to add another fan or upgrade the one that’s already there. This would be a viable and long-lasting solution as well. Also, it becomes a necessary step in many cases.

  • Disproportional Components

Are you using some high-performance components such as graphics cards? In that case, you need to keep the other parts at or around the same level. There must not be much difference between their qualities, otherwise, the system is sure to suffer from issues like frequent crashes. If this is the reason behind Rainbow Six Siege Crashing in your case, you obviously can’t fix it by yourself. Therefore, consult a professional as soon as possible.

  • Blacklisted Game File

Yet another common reason behind game crashes is that some of its files are blacklisted by the antivirus. You must make sure whether that’s the case. If it is, then you simply have to move the files to the white list. Do you find them getting blacklisted again? Then, you might want to disable the program, if you want to run the game without an issue.


If Rainbow Six Siege is crashing on your device, you must try all the fixes given here. They are mostly quite simple and will take a fairly short time. If one doesn’t provide a solution, you must try the next one. Hopefully, they will provide you with a permanent solution.