While operating your PC, you could come across various kinds of errors. All of them have a specific code and a message that appears on the screen. Sometimes, they may seem quite complicated to you, and you might get confused about what they mean and what you must do about the errors like 0xc0000225.

According to error code 0xc0000225, you need to get your device repaired. So, you might think it’s best to do that by approaching a professional. However, that’s not necessary in all cases. You might want to try solving the problem by yourself, as you might not but it’ll take comparably less time. Therefore, keep reading to know some effective ways to deal with this error.

Why are you Facing the 0xc0000225 Error and How do You Resolve it?

When you see this error code on your screen, it could indicate several smaller issues. These can arise in various parts of the system and hardware and the cause may differ in each case. So, you must look for the issue that’s generating the error in your device. Based on that, there are some simple fixes you can apply.

Create an Installation Media

The error you’re facing is mainly caused when the device faces problems with the startup. That happens mostly because it can’t find some crucial data. Now, that means you can’t access any part of the system in such a situation.

So, how do you proceed to deal with this error? First, you need to get a Windows 10 installation media. You can use either a USB drive or a CD for this purpose. Go to the manufacturer’s website and download Windows 10 on the storage device.

How much space do you need for storing this installation media? That depends on the bits of operating software that you’re using. You need about 20 GB free for the 64-bit and 16 GB for the 32-bit.

How to Use this Media to Boot PC?

Now, it is probably clear to you, the error is caused by an issue with the booting data. That implies a problem in one or many large volumes of files. So, how do you find the ones that are causing the error? After all, you can’t access the system, where you have all the tools to fix it.

That’s where the installation media you created is going to come in handy. You can use the disk or USB drive to boot up your PC, it will take you to a page asking for language preferences. Fill up these files and proceed to the next stage.

Now, you’ll see an option to install the system at the centre of the screen. At the bottom-left, you can see a Repair option. In this case, you obviously have to choose the latter. This will take you to another page with three options, including Troubleshoot. Clicking on it will bring up two other options, to reset or to access Advanced Options. Choose the latter and proceed with any of the means given there to fix the issue.

  • Auto Repair

Once you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, you’re ready to proceed with the solution. So, you might want to start with the easiest one — automatic repair. Simply select the option and way, while it proceeds.

There could be quite a wide range of issues that cause the error, and with this process, your device will search for them thoroughly. In case you’re wondering, it’s quite effective and can detect the smallest issues with boot data. This will take some time but can provide a solution by its end. Once this is done, you need to reboot the system.

  • Corrupt System Files

As you know now, the error code 0xc0000225 can be caused by damaged or corrupt data. To be specific, it occurs when the data that your device needs to boot up gets damaged. How does that happen? Apart from virus and malware, there could be some other causes as well. So, after you get through this issue, you might want to scan for malware next.

Now, even though the system is inaccessible right now, the Command Prompt isn’t. The same goes for the System File Checker. So, use the prompt and initiate a scan into the system files without much delay. In case you’ve never used it before, you have to enter the command ‘sfc/scannow’.

The tool will start repairing once it finds out the damaged file. This is another viable way to deal with the 0xc0000225 error.

  • Hard Drive Error

The issues you’re facing while starting your device could have something to do with one of its hard drives. The data that it needs for the initiation is located in them. So, any problem in accessing them can sometimes indicate a hard drive error. In that case, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may end up causing significant damage to the drive permanently.

Now, how do you fix an issue with the disk drive when you can’t access the system? It’s quite simple, you can do it using the Command Prompt option. Now, your device probably has multiple disk drives. Now, there could be a problem with any of them. You can check only one drive at a time. Choose the one that you want to check first.

Your Windows device has a tool to check hard drives for error. Now, suppose you want to run it for scanning the C-drive. In that case, you need to type the command — CHKDSK C. 

Similarly, do the same for the other drives by replacing C with them in the command. This tool finds out the smallest errors but takes a while to complete the process. Apart from its main task of finding issues, it will also proceed to fix them. Moreover, it’s optimally effective in doing so.

  • Damaged Boot Files

As you know, your device needs certain data when it boots, any issues in that can cause the 0xc0000225 error. In some cases, these files can even be missing for some reason. In any case, fixing this can provide you with a long-lasting solution to the 0xc0000225 error. Now, you might wonder how to do that, in that case, you can again use the Command Prompt from the Advanced Options for it. Now, the boot data includes various files that you may need to fix.

Master Boot Record

Do you notice that the boot process can’t even start on your device? Then, it’s probably caused by an issue with the MBR. After all, this data is crucial for starting the boot. To find and fix any errors in it, you need the command bootrec /fixmbr.

Partition Boot Sector

The error you’re facing can be caused due to a damaged partition boot sector. As a result, your device can’t access the crucial codes needed for booting. So, you need to find and fix issues in this part as well. For that, include the command bootrec /fixboot in the prompt.


Apart from other files, the BCD must include certain installations to work. In case any of them are missing for any reason, you’ll face trouble booting your device. In that case, you need to find which ones you need to add to the BCD. For that, you need the command bootrec /scanos.

  • Boot Configuration Data

This is one of the most important requirements for booting up your device. You need to fix any damages or errors it has. For that add the command bootrec /rebuildbcd in the prompt. This will rebuild your BCD completely. Put the above-mentioned orders in the same order in which they’re given.

  • System Restore

Unable to find a solution with any other methods? There is still a way out for you from this annoying error. Restore to the previous conditions of the system, as it was before facing the issue. You can do this from the Advanced Options Page where you selected the other methods. Also, don’t forget to keep a backup of your important data before doing that. This method can provide you with a simple yet effective and long-lasting solution to this 0xc0000225 error.


The oxc0000225 error code is quite complicated to deal with. But, the methods given here may help you find a comparably simpler solution. So, you might find them worth giving a try. At least one of them would hopefully help you to take a step out of the situation.