Online battle royale games have gained a lot of popularity among gamers lately. There are many of them to choose from and more are being developed and on their way, as you read. Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones currently and has a worldwide player base. It usually delivers a good performance and is free from bugs and glitches. However, there are still some problems that you might face. Many players have reported the problem of Fortnite voice chat not working on their devices. Are you facing this issue as well? In that case, there are some simple solutions you can learn here. 

Tricks to Solve Fortnite Chat not Working

Communicating with your teammates is very important in games like these. So, you’d want to find a quick solution to this problem. In that case, there are some simple methods you can give a try. How fast it works is up to you now as none of them can be called time-taking. 

  • Restart the Game

You can start with the simplest solution to this problem. It may be possible for you to get off the game for a while and ask your teammates to wait. In that case, close the game for a while. Also, don’t forget to log out as people don’t always do that while exiting the game. If you skip that part, this method might lose some of its effectiveness. So, you need to follow it just as you learned it here. 

Wait for a while now before you start the game and log in again. This would barely take 5 minutes and yet can prove to be effective against Fortnite voice chat not working. 

  • System Restart

If the above-mentioned method didn’t work, you might want to consider restarting the system. After all, the problem you’re facing could be caused due to issues in various components. If you restart, they might be solved and you can return to your gaming session. 

  • Troubleshoot the problem

Are you confused and can’t find out what the cause is? You must be in a hurry to fix the issue and start playing again. In that case, you can simply choose to use the troubleshooter. The system will find out any issue that’s there in the device and repair it. 

Sometimes, it will also give you a message on what you need to do. That will hopefully make things easier for you. All you have to do is wait till the process is completed. Wondering how much time this will take? Generally, it’s not much, but you can say that depends on the problem you’re dealing with. However, the problem that gets repaired by this process may not be the one you were looking for. 

  • Check if You Have Muted the Sound

Even though this is an obvious one, it must still be stated here. As you’ll see, it doesn’t refer to only one thing. There are two controls for the sound when you’re playing the game — one on your device and the other in-game. You must check both of them. Since you’re looking for a solution to fix Fortnite voice chat not working, you must try this one out as well. After all, it won’t be any less effective than others but is simpler than them. 

  • Check if You Have Permitted Access to the Microphone

You probably remember the time you downloaded Fortnite, the game asked you to accept the terms and conditions. Then, as you might remember, it also asked for a series of permissions to access various parts of your system. For some reason, you might have refused some of them. It could be out of concern for the safety of your data. 

Otherwise, you might have accidentally denied them. Regardless, you were supposed to grant all of them permission in that case. The game needs them to be able to function properly. Access to the microphone is one of the most important ones, it always asks for new players. Otherwise, it can’t record your voice and send it to your teammates or opponents. So, you need to check app permissions in the Settings and enable the one for the microphone for Fortnite. Start the game when you’re done with this and you’ll hopefully see the voice chat working. 

  • Download Repair Patches

Bugs are not an alien to any games out there, so Fortnite is obviously not an exception. Players come across many types of issues from time to time. However, that is no issue as long as you have a quick and easy repair for it. Developers keep releasing patches for their games regularly for that reason. After all, the faster the players get a solution, the better will their experience be. Anyway, you must visit their site and look for the ones they have released lately. You need only the ones that are relevant to your problem. 

  • Driver Update 

Your PC may have the highest level of audio capability both through the hardware and software. However, none of that would matter unless you get the right driver. Without that, the system won’t be able to utilize the hardware to the fullest. Not only that, but using an outdated one for too long may cause issues like Fortnite voice chat not working. So, it is very clear how important the driver is for your PC. Therefore, the sooner you upgrade it to the latest version, the better it’ll be. Also, it will surely solve all audio problems, provided that there are no other causes. 


The methods given here are some of the simplest ways to fix Fortnite voice chat not working. However, you can also opt for professional help. But, if you try all the above-mentioned ones, you generally won’t need to look for any external help.