With all the necessary solutions to protect you from malware attacks, Avast is one of the most well-known and popular Antiviruses available today. Avast is even in the top ten list of Antivirus. Avast even launched its own browser to protect you from various online malware attacks as well as suspicious links thus saving you from cybercriminals. If you want to know more about the Antivirus, you can get that at Avast Antivirus Review. And if you want to more about the browser then you can click Avast Secure Browser Review

You can also avail of the pro version of Avast to access more options for protection. As with the free version you will not be getting all the security features as of pro. With the subscription to the premium or other paid versions, you need to provide your credit or debit card details. Avast will save this for further future payments. The renewal process of the Avast antivirus is automatic. Meaning, it will save your card details and when it’s time for renewal, Avast will do that automatically, so you can continue with uninterrupted services.

However, in some cases, the user may not want to avail of the pro version and discontinue the service. But if the amount is deducted from the account you are and having problems canceling the subscription and want the amount to be refunded, then it’s surely a headache. If you are stuck with the same situation, then you are at the right place to solve the problem and thereby claim a refund.

How to Cancel Avast Subscription on PC

As you know that the renewal system is automatic in the Avast Antivirus. So if you want to cancel the process, there are three methods you can follow. However, to claim the refund you have to cancel the Avast Subscription. Let’s not waste any more time and just jump to how you can cancel the subscription.

  1. Disable the Automatic Renewal via Order Portal

    This process is needed if you bought the Avast subscription from Digital River.

    • Open your browser, and hit to the Digital River order portal at https://avast.com/find-order. 
    • Once it opens, you have to provide the order number and the password. However, if you don’t remember them, you can check your mails. Because once you have purchased any Avast product, they will provide the details through an email. Once you find it, provide the credentials and then click on “Find Order”.
    • When the order details of the Avast Subscription has been found, you have to now click on “Manage Subscription”
    • In the subscription details page, navigate to “Automatic Renewals” and toggle it off. For further verification, you have to click on the “Disable Automatic Renewal” link that will pop-up.
    • Once the process is done, you will receive a confirmation mail about the deactivation of the Automatic Renewals. You have successfully deactivated the automatic renewal process.

    In some cases, this process does not work in disabling the Auto-Renewal. And, if such is the case with you, you can move to the next solution.

  2. Disable the Automatic Renewal via Avast A/C

    According to many users, disabling the Auto-Renewal Subscription form the Avast A/C is one of the processes to bring positive results. Here’s how you can do it.

    • Open the Avast Application. Then sign in your account by providing the account credentials. And also ensure to give the mail address that you have used during purchasing the subscription.
    • Then you have to locate and click on the “License” section, followed by clicking on “Your License”.
    • Now you have to search the ‘Auto-Renewal license’ option and then click on “Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription”.
    • Once it is done, you will receive a confirmation mail about the deactivation of the Automatic Renewal subscription. 

    Congratulations, you have successfully deactivated the Automatic Renewal Subscription.

  3. Disable the Automatic Renewal from the Avast Support

    If none of the above methods work for you then you can simply get in touch with the Avast Support center and then you can cancel the automatic renewal process. Follow the steps below.

    • Open your browser and hit to the link given below;


    • Once you have opened the link, they will now provide all the basic information for the Automatic Renewal deactivation. Keep in mind to use the same email that you used for the subscription of the product.
    • Once done, now you have to wait for the response from the other side.

Avast Refund Request

In most cases, the autorenewal subscription deactivation gets skipped, and the amount gets deducted from the account. If you too have the same issue and want to claim a refund from Avast, you need to know that the amount can be claimed within 30 days after they have charged the amount. You can go through the following process. 

  • Open your browser and go to the official website of Avast. Or you can click on the link below:
  • Now you have to click on the “Sales and Refund” section.
  • Here you have to provide the account credentials. Also, remember to use the same mail that you used during the subscription. 
  • Once you claimed the refund, now you have to wait until the customer service responses to it.


With the above instructions, you now know how to cancel the Avast Antivirus service and claim a refund. These are the easiest methods you can follow and help yourself with the process. Also, remember that claiming a refund will deactivate the Autorenewal service permanently.