It is difficult to imagine modern business without a high-quality CRM system that helps to control all stages of a transaction with a client, automate routine processes, and work on projects with a whole team and, most importantly, increase sales.

In Belarus, many business representatives know about the crm for startups, however, unfortunately, they are in no hurry to implement it, preferring to work in the usual Excel, store the necessary information in diaries, thereby losing precious time and customers. Who needs to implement a CRM system and how to work with it, you will learn from our article.

So, let’s start with the main thing: who needs to implement a CRM system

The CRM system can be implemented in absolutely any company operating in different industries. A properly selected platform will be useful even for an individual entrepreneur who can improve the efficiency of his work. As a rule, CRM is primarily implemented by large and medium-sized companies operating in the global market. In the small business environment, the number of companies using a CRM system is 2.5 times lower.

The post-Soviet countries have to work for more than one year before this indicator. According to the data collected during the study of the domestic market of Ukraine, only 6% of companies actively use the CRM system, and 68% do not even know what it is. It is easy to assume that the situation in Belarus is slightly different from that in Ukraine. Therefore, we still meet managers with huge notebooks, working behind the computers pasted over with stickers. Can such an activity be considered modern and effective?

Benefits of working with a CRM system

The problems that exist due to the lack of a CRM system are few, but they are quite serious, it is not difficult to solve them.

Without a CRM system, a company limits itself to development and profit growth. Not a dozen managers can cope with the tasks that the system solves in automatic mode.

With a CRM system, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your customer base. All customer data of the company will be reliably stored in the CRM system, so there is no chance that the manager will take customers with him after moving to a new workplace. In addition, with a CRM system at any time, you can control how effectively the work with the client base is being carried out. After all, information about any actions with the client is saved.

When is it vital for a company to implement a CRM system?

Thousands of companies have been working without a CRM system for more than one year. If managers or owners are not concerned about this issue yet, they do not have a clear understanding and desire to implement it, perhaps it is not yet necessary to do so. However, sooner or later they will still have to think about implementing a CRM system. And the reasons for this can be so serious that the business will have to suffer serious losses.

There are many examples of such reasons: 

  • sales have been falling for months; 
  • competitors are taking customers away and leaving you far behind. 

This makes you work quickly and efficiently, selling and earning more and more. However, the methods that used to generate good returns are no longer effective. In this case, modern business tools are needed.

First of all, it is worthwhile to determine exactly what “your” client is. Knowing clearly the portrait of the consumer, you should use marketing and PR tools in a targeted or segmented manner. It is easy to identify customer needs and preferences through marketing surveys and tracking consumer behavior. The next step is to personalize sales and generate demand by making the right offer at the right time.