There was a time when a computer was just meant to withstand and assist in our regular task, like calculations, making spreadsheets etc. Yes, you could definitely play games while working such as cards, but there weren’t any computers that were made to specifically perform different tasks. One computer used to perform all of these tasks. 

Well! Now, it does not work that way. With the advancement of technology, you get to access gaming computers that have emerged recently in the market. Do not get the idea that these computers can only be used for playing games. They perform all the tasks that a computer can. Yet they are not the same as regular computers. 

These gaming computers supposedly fulfil the system requirements to run the latest high-quality video games. And, this task is becoming harder and harder for regular computers apparently. So, it’s not like the previous days, where you could just run the latest game and run it on your computer. What you need now is a gaming computer. So, keep on reading if you’re trying to figure out how to distinguish a gaming computer from a regular computer. 

Gaming Computer Vs Regular Computer

You might not be able to tell how a gaming computer differs from a regular one right now. But, once you know the points of difference between the two, you would easily understand which one you should opt for. So, here are the basic points that set a gaming computer apart from a regular computer.

1. RAM

RAM (random access memory) is one of the main points of difference between a gaming and a regular computer. By today’s standards, a computer has to have at least a 4 GB RAM to be considered a regular computer. Gaming computers, on the other hand, come with a RAM of at least 8 GB. You can also opt for 16 GB and 32 GB RAM computers depending on your requirements. So, 8 GB is the minimum standard for a computer to be a gaming computer. This is the minimum amount of RAM you would require to run high-tech games efficiently. 

2. Processor

The processor is another key point of difference between a gaming computer and a regular one. The processor of a computer impacts the performance it delivers while gaming. By today’s standards, your computer needs to have an Intel Core i5 processor with a speed of 3.5 GHz. This is the minimum requirement for a gaming gadget. But, to be able to play the latest games, an Intel Core i7 processor is recommended. While regular PCs by today’s standards typically have an i5 processor.

3. Graphics Card

The graphics card is the most significant component of a gaming computer. Gaming computers require higher-quality graphics cards as compared to regular computers. This is probably the most important requirement for running the latest games. A point to note here is that a cutting-edge graphics card won’t work with a regular computer. It can only be used with a high-calibre computer. So, if you are thinking that you can install a high-end graphics card on a regular computer and play the latest games, then you need to re-think.

4. Hard Disk

Since gaming computers are state-of-the-art, they would also require a high capacity hard disk. Only then would they be able to meet the speed requirements of the latest games. So, an SSD hard disk would be suitable for a gaming computer. Whereas an HDD hard disk would be sufficient for regular use. A regular computer typically comes with a HDDs. 

5. Motherboard

The motherboard that is required for a computer depends on its components. Gaming computers require top-level motherboards since it needs to perform to meet the specifications provided by every game manufacturer. Gaming laptops have specific gaming motherboards.

6. Cooling

Gaming computers generate much more heat as compared to regular computers. And to deal with this, they come with more powerful cooling systems than regular computers. This is to ensure smooth performance while operating through a high-end gaming process. You can easily get the best gaming PC under 1000.

7. Power Consumed

Now it is clear that gaming computers have a higher performance level as compared to regular ones. So, it is obvious that they would use a larger amount of power consumption ability as compared to regular computers. Thus, the battery-life for gaming gadgets are usually more sophisticated. 

8. Accessories

This point specifically refers to the mouse and the keyboard. Even though this is not a key point of difference, it’s not one to be ignored. Because gaming computers and regular computers do have different requirements when it comes to accessories as well. 

With a regular computer, it is obvious that you can use any mouse and keyboard. But, for a gaming computer, you might have to buy the ones that are specially built for this purpose. Because regular mice and keyboards are not suitable for rough use. But, the ones made for gaming purposes are optimally designed for that. 

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Some Gaming Computers that might interest you

Having understood what a gaming computer exactly is, you might be interested in finding one for yourself. So here are some gaming computers that you might be interested in.

  • Skytech Shiva gaming PC
  • Skytech Archangel
  • Acer Aspire TC
  • HP Pavilion 
  • Skytech Blaze II
  • Dell Gaming Optiplex Tower
  • Alarco Gaming PC and more.

Last but not least…

Gaming computers are basically the ones that are built for high-end performance, as opposed to regular ones. It’s their highly upgraded components that make them suitable for every type of gaming. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot carry out your regular office work in these. But, why spend more when you can get your purpose served with a regular computer. So, whenever you think of buying a new computer, always give priority to your requirements and the specifications.