AdDLM is also named as Autodesk Download Manager. AdDLM.dll is a Dynamic Link Library File. It is developed by Autodesk. This system is designed with some methods and driver functions. It is an extremely important and very necessary file system for Windows.

Why is it necessary?

This DLL file preserves innumerable codes and procedures that help alter the encoding of various applications all at a stance without alternating the applications themselves. It is just like a guide book that aids in storing and setting information and executes the same whenever required. It helps to use your desktop’s memory in a very judicious manner to make your machine function most effectively.

Is it vulnerable to problems?

Unfortunately, the answer to the above question is YES. DLL files are not only extremely efficient but also highly convenient too. But its convenience creates the file to be highly prone to problems. If any problem crops up in a DLL file, which is shared, in that case, the file either gets corrupted, or it seemed to get lost somehow. If it happens, the software then shows up a message called the `runtime error” which states the reason for or during what the problem has arisen.

What are the exact types of problems that you could face? 

You might not find the c:\Program Files or the application could not begin as AdDLM.dll got missing or cannot set DWG TrueView since a much-desired component cannot be allocated, etcetera. Thus, you always need to keep your antivirus program updated for the windows’ proper functioning in your computer machine.

The steps to address the above trouble 

If any error message shows up on your machine, go for the following troubleshooting methods one by one.

STEP [A]: To restore your machine (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista) to that backup image before the occurrence of any error, follow the steps mentioned below:-

STEP1. Press the start button of the windows.

STEP2. After you see the Search Box, type `System Restore” in it.

STEP3. Press the Enter button.

STEP4. Now click System Restore after finding it from the search result.

Step5. Entry your Password whenever the system asks for.

STEP6. Next, select the restore point, which is pertaining to the problem you are facing. For this, go to the System Restore Wizard and follow the set of steps.

STEP7. Lastly, restore to that backup image in your computer machine.

If the Step [A] could not mend the error problem in AdDLM.dll, then move forward to the following steps.

STEP [B]: Firstly, you need to uninstall the recently installed DWG True View and reinstall it again. The steps to uninstall DWG True View in case of computers designed with Windows 7, 8 and 10, XP and Vista, are as follows:-

STEP1. Press the Start button of Windows.

STEP2. Now, go to the Search Box and type `Uninstall” in it.

STEP3. Next, press Enter.

STEP4. Click on the Add or Remove Programs after finding it from the search results.

STEP5. After that, find the entry for DWG TrueView 2019, and then click on the `Uninstall’ option.

Step6. Now keep a watch on the process of uninstallation.

After the software’s uninstallation process gets completed, start your personal computer once again and get the DWG TrueView software reinstalled.

If the Step [B] could not address the problem, proceed with the following steps.

[C] Windows Update can be possible with the following steps:-

STEP1. Click the start button.

STEP2. Type ”Update” in the search box and then click on the Enter button.

STEP3. Select the Check for Updates in the Windows Update dialog box as per the windows version existing on your computer.

STEP4. Left-click on the `Install updates” when the updates get available for download.

STEP5. Now restart the machine after the update is done.

If the above step fails, then the only way out is to follow the next and the ultimate step. But these steps can be followed only if your machine is a highly advanced one.

[D] Download and Replace your AdDLM.dll file by following the steps mentioned below:-

STEP1. Firstly, find out the version of the windows operating system that your computer is having and then go for AdDLM.dll file download.

STEP2. Next, download the Windows file version after clicking on the button named,` Download Now”.

STEP3. After that, get this file copied to the appropriate DWG TrueView folder location.

STEP4: If you are still facing the error, then go for a pure Windows 10 version installation.