The Android OS is incredibly versatile, smartphones and other devices that run it can be used for almost anything. It’s great for gaming, watching movies and TV shows, and keeping in touch with your friends.

It’s also great for doing work, managing your finances, and even tracking your health.  Some businesses use Android for very bespoke purposes, creating custom ROMs to install on IoT devices to help run warehouses or monitor complex machinery. 

If you’re a sports fan, Android gives you access to almost all of the content and data that you could ever want. No matter whether you’re a football fanatic or you’re bonkers about basketball, you can use your Android device to stay on top of all the latest developments in your favorite sport, both on the pitch and off. 

Pre-Game Insights and Build Up

A lot of what makes sport exciting is the anticipation. The build-up to a big match can be just as thrilling as the actual game itself. Take the NFL’s Super Bowl for instance, just about every news outlet in the country discusses the game, who is playing, what is likely to happen, and what a win would mean for each side. 

It’s why TV companies will run hours of analysis and discussion ahead of the event actually taking place. For example, Sky Sports F1 in the UK runs programming about a race from around 8 AM, a whole 10 hours before the Grand Prix actually starts at 2 PM. 

You can find a lot of pre-game insights and build-up from your Android device. Most major broadcasters and newspapers offer reporting, alongside dedicated sports apps like Bleacher Report and Yahoo Sports. Most major leagues also offer insights and build up either through their own dedicated apps or social media, so you can follow along to that from your smartphone. 


During the build-up to a sporting event, many fans also like to make wagers on what they think will happen. Many will use the insights they learn from the various outlets listed above to help them make their decisions, while others will turn to the opinions published by professional handicappers. 

Depending on where you live, you’ll likely find quite a few different sports betting apps that you can install on your Android device, including many big brands. With so many options, it’s worth checking for what free bets are available as this can help get better value. 

Betting apps all display the different odds offered by sportsbooks too, which can be useful in understanding what the experts think will happen, even if you’re not actually going to bet. 


Live Streams and Scores

Android is used most in smartphones, but you can also have it on your TV or other media device. That makes it a great platform for streaming sports games. Some traditional TV broadcasters will make their sports programming available through their apps, while most leagues now also offer standalone services to fans. 

Licensing restrictions mean that you may not always have access to every game or that you’ll have to use several different apps to watch everything you want, but it means you can follow all the action live no matter whether you’re at home, in the park, or at work. 

If you can’t watch along live, either because you don’t subscribe to the streaming service or you’re too busy to watch, you can still keep on top of the live scores by using apps like LiveScore or GoalAlert. Alternatively, most news outlets usually provide live text commentary that you can intermittently check. 

Social Media

Between games, you can use your Android device to keep up with what your favorite athletes and teams get up to. Most now keep an active presence of social media, showing off the training they’re doing ahead of the next match and talking about what they do to relax. 

Most athletes will also interact with fans through social media too, helping to create a better experience and help loyal supporters to feel like they’re able to get closer to their favorite sports stars. 

One final thing we will recommend is to ensure that you are using a solid antivirus app as your sports browsing will undoubtedly take you to the far reaches of the internet! Better to be safe than sorry.