DirecTV is a broadcast satellite service provider, America-based. Recently many users have reported that their DirecTV is facing many network issues. One of the commonly reported problems is the slow internet speed. On the other hand, you must be eager to know about the DirecTV internet speed optimization process too. 

Before moving on to the fixing methods, you need to understand the main facts about internet speed. The speed actually means how fast and how many data packets are transmitted to your entertainment device in one second. 

When the internet speed is not up to the mark, you need to find the cause. If you don’t do so, you will never be able to watch your favourite movies, either by streaming live or downloading. So, do not waste any minute and have a look at the fixing methods. 

  1. Check the Router

    It’s obvious that when you use a Wi-Fi router, you are into an integrated wireless environment. To get hassle-free DirecTV internet speed, you must look out for obstacles. Unauthorized intruder access in the network is quite annoying. Go to the router management page and check how many clients are connected to the router. If you identify any unknown IP or MAC address, select and block it from the device.

  2. Network Security & its Maintenance

    Unknown people can easily steal the bandwidth that you are getting from the network. Every router has its own security option and you need to look out for that. While configuring the router, select WPA or WPA2 connection type. These two are strong and secure connections and will provide you with the perfect DirecTV internet speed. 

    What about the sharing settings? A very much valid point indeed. You need to disable any type of network sharing options. An additional firewall might be helpful for you to add extra security. Last but not the least, setting up a name and a strong password is also mandatory. 

  3. Checking Programs based on Auto-update

    The DirecTV internet speed can deteriorate when some background programs are sharing the bandwidth. This can be one of the reasons when you are streaming any video file and facing a video buffer. Disabling the background programs is easy indeed. Dive into the Task Manager and carefully observe the selected background programs that are sharing the bandwidth. Select them and end those tasks. 

  4. Remove all the Malware

    The presence of malware in your system can easily affect the DirecTV internet speed. So, you have to scan your entire system and all the external storage devices (if connected), with the help of antivirus software. By removing malware, you will not only safeguard your personal data but also keep your system’s application free from conflicts. 

  5. Optimization of Internet Browser

    Superfast internet is perfectly compatible with superfast web browsers. Using such kind of web browsers that require less amount of volatile, as well as non-volatile memory to perform. After every session of internet surfing, down and upload, clear all the cache and cookies. This will eventually trigger the DirecTV internet speed. Always try to avoid downloading any type of additional extensions in the browser. 

  6. Try to Bring the Router Closer

    Every router has its own range of frequencies. If you somehow get out of that range, then the speed might get slower. Always try to work within the range of the router. Place the router in a centralized position where not only you but the other family members can also get access to the internet. 

Added Information

You might be familiar with the device named Wi-Fi extenders. This kind of device helps in triggering the bandwidth and increases the range as well. Test and locate the corners of your home where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Setup the Wi-Fi extender at that very place. 

While direct streaming any video or audio file, virtual calling and others, try to connect the computer directly to the network. The main internet cable must be connected to the Ethernet port of the computer. This will allow your system to receive direct data packets from the main server. 

Are you facing Network Issues?

Network congestions and loss of data packets are some of the most common problems that can take place. So, it’s better to run a speed test. If you see that the DirecTV internet speed is not up to the mark, reset your router. When the issue still persists, contact your internet service provider as soon as possible. 

Tips and Tricks for Optimization 

Are you aware of the usage of the internet plan? Check what plan you are using. Let’s say that you are using a bandwidth of 100 MegaBytes per second. So, the connection speed will be 100 MegaBytes, upload and download speed will depend on the server from where you are downloading or uploading data. 

Never use any third-party software to increase the speed of the network. Most of the applications contain malicious codes that can harm your private files and also can decrease the internet speed as well. 

Safety Precautions

Safeguarding your DirecTV internet speed is essential, thus there is a facility for using VPNs. Virtual Private Networks restricts all intruders from accessing your network. Some of the VPNs also have a strong firewall that also acts as a shield to protect your network and the system. Never share the Wi-Fi password with someone else that you barely know.