When you are using your browser on your Android device to browse any information or website, browser history is saved on your device. This helps you to easily access that information later. However, if by accident you delete this, then how to recover deleted history on android? There are a few different ways by which you can recover them.

How to recover deleted history on google chrome android?

Browser history plays a very important part of day-to-day internet surfing. In the case of the accidental deletion of the browser history, there is no choice but to recover it in some way. Before you start with the recovering process, you must make a backup of the important data of your phone.  

For this process, you need to have the Chrome synced with your Google account. This makes your browser history to save in Google. So, if you have already synced it before you have deleted your browser history, then follow the given steps:-

  1. First, you have to open a webpage on Chrome. 
  2. After that, you have to go to the search box and type the following link 


  1. Next, when you will press ‘Enter’, you will see a list of browsing history on the screen. This is your deleted browser history. In addition, this list will contain all the browser history from the time you have synced Chrome with your Google account.  
  2. After that, you have to go to the Chrome Bookmarks by scrolling down. 
  3. On this page, you will be able to see all the browsing history, the apps you have used, and the bookmark which have been done from your Android device. After this process, the browser history will be saved as a bookmark again.

This is one of the easiest methods of how to recover deleted history on android. 

How to recover deleted history on Google Chrome Android with data recovery software?

Recovering browser history is easy if you have a Google account. However, what will you do if you don’t have an account? In such circumstances, you have to take the help of some third-party data recovery software. 

Before running the recovery software, you have to stop any software for Android Management which is running. This is because it may interfere with the process of recovering your browser history.

1. Scan your device by selecting the recover option

You have to connect your computer to your Android device with the help of a USB cable. After that, you have to open the software to enter the main interface. Then, you have to select the option of  “Recover From Phone module”. 

2. Identify the Android device

You have to make the USB debugging enabled for your phone. You will find the option for USB debugging in the Developer options. After that, you have to click on the ‘OK’ button for the box on the message on the screen saying “Always allow from this computer”. 

3. Scan your Android device by selecting a scan option

You will be taken to the interface saying “Device Ready to Scan” after you have enabled the USB debugging. There will be two different options for doing the scan. It is up to your preference for which option you will choose. 

According to my, it is always better to opt for ‘Quick Scan’. This is because, in this option, only the text data will be checked, and all the unnecessary data types will be unchecked. After you have selected the scanning option, you have to click on ‘Next’. This will start the procedure for scanning. 

4. Select the data type you like to recover

You will have to scan the result interface after the scanning is done. At the left side of the scan interface, you will be able to see the list of all the types of data. Then you can see the result after selecting the option of ‘History’.

Here, you will be able to switch ON the option of a preview. This will help with seeing the deleted browsing history. In this list, you will have name of all the things which you will be able to recover. After selecting the things you want to recover, you have to click the ‘Recover’ button. This will take you to the next step of the process.

5. Select a path to your computer for saving the browsing history

The icon for the recovering software will show up on the screen of your computer. It will then automatically identify the path for the storage. You will also be able to change the path if you like. Click on the option of ‘Browse’ and then you can select the path of your choice. 

Now, to save the elements directly, you just have to click on the ‘Recover’ button. After the saving process is completed, a notification will alert you of it. When you will click on this option, the storage will open automatically and you will be able to see you browser history of your Android phone. 

This procedure is the best solution for how to recover deleted google history on android if you do not have a Google account. 


I hope that with the help of the above discussed solutions you are able to solve your problem of how to recover deleted browser history on android. These are the most effective methods out there. If you want to prevent yourself from this kind of situation to happen again, I would suggest you open a Google account and sync it to chrome. Therefore, in case of any future accidents, you will be able to successfully recover the browser history.