Have you ever thought of saving a copy of the photograph or any contents that you are viewing on the computer screen? The usual way to do it is to take a photo with the help of your mobile. But, the image might not be clear, thus came the concept screenshot. It’s an image of the screen and its contents. Now comes how to screenshot on Toshiba?

The general procedure to take a screenshot is to press the “PRTSC” key from the keyboard. The image is captured through the internal image processing function. Then, you need to save the picture with the help of a dedicated Windows Paint application. 

While using a Toshiba laptop you might want to take a screenshot. Now, the screenshot function in this laptop is not that easy it seems. To know how to screenshot on Toshiba laptop you need to follow the procedures that are given below. 

Take a Screenshot: Quick and Easy Steps

There are two quick and easy ways to make a screenshot — One is with the help of the system function, which is already given above. And others are some effective alternatives with the help of third-party applications. Let’s get to know them one by one. 

  1. The Active Window Software

    The active window will only appear after joining the system with any third-party applications. Taking the paint application into the consideration, you already know how to save the screenshot. 

    Coming to another application which is the Snipping tool. Let the contents on the computer window stay where it is. Click to open the sniffing tool from the system tray, crop the required portion from the screen. Press Ctrl+C to copy and paste the image to your desired place. This is how to screenshot on Toshiba. 

  2. The Robust Screen Recorder

    Amongst all the applications, Snagit is one of the best. This application generally captures pictures as well as video displays which will teach you how to screenshot on Toshiba. In addition to that, the audio output is also included along with the capture. After the successful installation of the application, go through the instructions in the settings. Lastly, try to adjust all the functions as per your need. 

  3. Free Screenshot Capture’s Assistance

    The Java applet in your OS will play the main role in using this application. That is why you must have the Java Runtime Environment installed in your system. Navigate to the official website of this application, and download the setup file. For Macintosh and Windows, the setup file format will be .dmg and .exe. 

    After running the application successfully, with the assistance of the Java applet, select the portion of the screen. After that, adjust the cursor and select the picture with the crop function. In addition to that, you can also edit the picture with various types of editing tools. 

  4. The Assistance of Faststone Capture Application

    The only application that is specially designed to help you with how to screenshot on Toshiba. With the help of this application, you can capture screenshots in a variety of shapes and patterns. In addition to that, while saving the captured image, multiple file-formats are available — they are like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and many more. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t come for free. So, you have to pay to use all of its features. 

  5. Really an “Awesome Screenshot”

    Every screenshot can be clear if you can capture it well. That is why, to capture a screenshot in an effective way, the Awesome Screenshot application is here for you. If there are compatibility issues with the other applications, don’t worry, this application will help you to perform how to screenshot on Toshiba. 

    The built-in or dedicated editor of Awesome Screenshot is hassle-free. After taking a screenshot, you can edit it with the help of various text styles, lines, effects, pointers, etc. You will get all the options at the upper right corner of the screen. It can capture the entire screen as well as some sections as per your requirement. But, the application doesn’t work on all browsers. So, you have to check the compatible browser before using it. 

Summing up…

All the above solutions are the best and quite effective. Hopefully, it will help you find the answer on how to screenshot on Toshiba. Apart from that, every step is different from the other. So, if one step turns out to be unsuccessful, then only go for the next one. 

However, the quality of the screenshot image depends on the resolution of your computer display. Let’s say your computer display has a resolution of 720 HD pixels, then the quality of the screenshot will be 720 HD.