If you are here to know about how to disable Avast popups, then you are in the right place. As in this content, we will be discussing how to turn off Avast notifications. Avast is one of the most powerful and robust antivirus programs available today. It comes with all the latest features to protect you from all the possible malware attacks. Besides, Avast has its own browser to protect you from online malware attacks as well as suspicious links. If you want to know more about the antivirus you can go to the Avast Antivirus Review.

Avast has a lot of features among which the pop-up notifications help you get every detail of the application and scanning as well as updates. However, sometimes these pop-up notifications are something you don’t want as they are pretty disturbing to normal working. And so we will guide you to disable or turn off these pop-up notifications on Avast. 

How to Disable Avast Pop-Ups

The methods provided below work in disabling different types of pop-up notifications. So, know the processes well and work according to the instructions given below for avast disable popups.

  1. Update the Pop-Up Notification of the Virus Definition

    This is the most common pop-up notification. When the virus definitions are updated automatically with the latest database, the “Avast Virus Database has been Updated” pop-up is shown. However, this pop-up will continually appear and is sometimes irritating. Therefore you need to follow the steps below to disable it.

    • Open the Avast Antivirus application. Then open Programs followed by clicking on “Settings”. 
    • Now navigate to “Update” on the menu. 
    • After that, you have to go to “Details”. There, you have to uncheck the “Show notification box after any automatic update” box.

    The second thing you can do is to avail of the newest version of the Avast Antivirus. As in the newest version they don’t have the pop-up notification by default.

  2. Disable the Software Update Pop-up Notification

    You see this pop-up when the Avast software is outdated. It will keep on popping up until you deactivate it from the Avast menu. Here’s how you can disable the software pop-up notification.

    • If your system is having Avast version 2014-2018, then disabling the pop-up is very easy. Simply open the Avast application and then click on “Setting”.
    • Click on “Tools”, followed by clicking on “Software Updater”.
    • Then, go to “Customize”.
    • After that, you have to uncheck the “Notifications Enabled” option.
    • Alternately, you can open the Software updater and then click on “Ignore Updates”.
  3. Disable Avast SecureLine VPN Pop-up

    The Avast SecureLine VPN Pop-up Notification is found in both free as well as paid versions of it. If you are feeling irritated with the notifications, you can simply follow the steps below to disable it.

    • Open the Avast application, then open the “Settings” and from there you have to go to “General”.
    • Now hit the “Popups” and then you have to unmark the “Show popup offers for other Avast products”
    • However, to turn off the SecureLine VPN permanently, you have to open the Avast Interface, then you are to click on Settings.
    • Next, open Tools and then toggle it “Off”
  4. Disable Avast Application Update Pop-up Notification

    You will see this notification popup when there is the latest version of Avast available and thereby your Avast application is in need of an update. This will pop up every time you start your PC. However, if you want to disable this, you can follow the steps below.

    • Perhaps the best solution is to update the Antivirus. And to do that, you can simply click on “Update” when the popup shows. Alternately, you can go to Settings, then click on Update. After that, click on “Programs” and then on “Update”
    • If you don’t want to update the antivirus then you can follow the step till “Programs”. After that, you have to click on “Open Settings”, go to “Select” and lastly click on “Manual Update”.
  5. Disable The Green Pop-up “This Site is Safe” Notification

    Whenever you are searching for anything on your browser and if you see a green popup from the Google Results stating that “This site is safe”, it is because of the Avast Online Security browser plugin. This comes pre-installed with the Avast Antivirus. If you want to disable it, you can follow the steps below.

    • First, you have to locate the green ball icon located at the top-right corner of the Chrome browser.
    • After that, right-click on it and then click on the “Select” option.
    • Now go to the last option, “Search Engine Results” and then uncheck it. Similarly, you have to do the same in the sub-option “Enable popups on Search Results Page”.
    • Lastly, to save the changes, click on “Confirm”

Summing Up

That is all regarding how to turn off Avast notifications. You can follow the instructions given above and check which one solves the issue. However, if you update the Avast application then you don’t have to turn the notifications off. Because in the latest version the default notification pop-up is turned off. Also, the updated version will disable Avast ads.