Chromium is an open-source web browser that is used because of its minimalistic interface and speed. Perhaps the Chromium code is mainly used by the developers to develop malicious content and thus leading to security risks. 

Basically, Chromium is used for scam pop-up or advertisement websites. Therefore, it corrupts in such a way that it is not possible to delete Chromium from the system. Even after that, if you want to know how to get rid of Chromium, then this article will help you to do it.

How to Identify an Infected Chromium?

As Chromium is an open-source web browser, the developers use it to track your online activity. However, it also forces you to download and install more infected software, thus leading adware  to redirect to different links.

But fortunately, you can easily identify an infected Chromium. If you have an infected Chromium, then you might experience the following problems in your PC:

  • The default browser is changed to Chromium without even asking for permission.
  • The default search engine is automatically replaced with a shady search provider
  • You are constantly getting pop-ups and new tabs while browsing.
  • Your PC is getting slower and it takes time to boot.
  • Every time you get notifications to download software and you are not able to block it.

However, if you are facing any of these issues, then you are advised not to use the Chromium browser and uninstall it as it can cause huge problems on your PC.

Have a Look at the Different Methods to Uninstall Chromium:

After all the above information, you now know how important it is to uninstall the Chromium. However, if you are unable to remove it, then you are recommended to check whether you are dealing with any malware-infected versions or not.

To do a quick investigation, go to the Task Manager by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and check if you have multiple Chromium running in the background in the Process tab. Also, you need to know that multiple running of Chromium in the background can use a lot of system resources. Thus, resulting in the performance degradation of the PC.

So, here are various methods that you can follow to save your PC from infected Chromium. You can try out the following methods listed below.

Method 1: Uninstall from Control Panel and Delete AppData Folder

Many users have reported about Chromium getting loaded during startup and thus making the PC run slow. However, if you can find the Chromium in the Program and Features of the Control Panel, then the Chromium you are using is a legitimate version. Thus, you can manually go the folder of the Chromium and delete the AppData folder manually.

Follow the steps stated below:

  • At first, press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  • Then in the box, type “appwiz.cpl” and then hit Enter
  • Now, scroll down to the Programs and Features. Then find Chromium, right-click on it and click on the Uninstall button. After that, follow the on-screen instructions.

Reboot your PC and if you find that Chromium is still there, then you can go through the below steps:

  • Open File Explorer and then go to C (Windows Drive), then to User then to Your Personal Folder. Following that, go to AppData and from there, choose Local.

(You might not find the AppData folder as it is in the hidden state, so to make it visible, press Windows + R and type “control panel”. Then go to the Folder options and click on “Show Hidden files”. )

  • After that, in the AppData folder, find the Chromium folder and delete it completely. Also, ensure that it is not present in the Recycle Bin as well.

Method 2: Manually Remove the Chromium Malware

If you are unable to uninstall Chromium from the above steps, then simply uninstall it manually. To remove the Chromium manually, you can go through the following steps.

  • At first, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, and then go to the Processes tab. From there, find the Chromium processes, right-click on any of it and click on Open File Location.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the folder of the Chromium Malware. But ensure that all the Chromium processes are closed before removing the malware folder. However, if you do not close the folder, then it will show that the files are in use. You will not be able to delete the infected folder. To close the processes, right-click on the Chromium process and then choose End Task
  • Now, you have to return to the folder after all the Chromium processes are closed and then delete the main executable file (Explore.exe). This file host a lot of malware data, so deleting it will stop the spawning process.

(If you are unable to delete it, then you can manually drag the file to the Recycle Bin)

  • Once it is done, you can now delete the rest of the files. Also, you can hit back and delete the whole folder.
    (You need to remove the contents first to delete the whole folder.)
  • After that, delete all the Data folder which is present on the left and then go to Local.
  • Lastly, go to the Local folder and delete the Games Bot folder.

(Before you reboot your system, delete everything from the Recycle Bin)

Method 3: Uninstall Chromium Using an Uninstaller Tool

If you are unable to uninstall Chromium manually, then you can use any other software to uninstall it. You might think why is it necessary to uninstall Chromium using software. Chromium might have bugs that are preventing it from uninstalling, so you need a specialized tool to do so.

Here, you will be instructed for the Revo Uninstaller.

  • In the beginning, download the Revo Uninstaller form any verified source.
  • Then you have to install it on your system.
  • Now, launch the Revo Uninstaller. After that, it will show all the installed app in the system.
  • Then choose the Chromium from the list and double click on it. Now, Windows will pop-up to let you choose from “Safe”, “Moderate” or “Advanced.”
  • Now, you can go for the “Moderate” one to uninstall Chromium.
  • After that, a window will pop-up asking permissions to scan. Here you have select “Scan.” Now, Revo Uninstaller will scan the program and search for any leftovers.
  • Lastly, you have to select the Delete button for uninstalling the Chromium permanently.

Method 4: Remove the Malware Leftovers with Malwarebytes

At last, all you need is to remove the malware leftovers in the system. This will ensure there is no trace of malware in your system. For that, you will need third-party software which is Malwarebytes. It scans and searches the leftovers. 

Follow the instructions listed below to remove the malware leftovers.

  • You have to download Malwarebytes from their official website
  • Then install it in your system.
  • Once Malwarebytes is installed, click on Scan and then select the Threat Scan. Following that, click on the Start Scan button
  • Now, you have to wait until the scan is completed. Perhaps it might take a while depending on your system.
  • Once it is done, you can see the removed registry entries or files by clicking on the View Identified Threats. Before you hit the Quarantine Selected button, make sure that all the threats are selected.
  • After the things are done, reboot the system.

Go through the abovesaid methods to delete or uninstall Chromium malware from your system. These methods are undoubtedly the best to try.