Microsoft Office 365 is used in modern organizations to help the users to achieve their need for the basic application to complete their job. It consists of many useful applications like OneDrive, Word OneNote, Excel PowerPoint, etc.   

On the other hand, SharePoint is a platform which helps the content management systems and collaborations. With its help, you will be able to manage the documents of both you and your colleagues. It also enables you to create a space for a group, which will be password-protected, to share documents among them.

Trends to Boost The User Engagement of Office 365 and SharePoint

The using of Office 365 in your company must not be taken lightly. You should also be careful not to fall into analysis paralysis. This happens to many of the companies. 

Many companies feel hesitant to bring all the tools of Office 365 because they think that their employees will not be able to understand the full utilization of it. Rather they give a strategic release of the tools. 

Here are 5 trends that are being used by the organizations to handle the release of their Office 365.

1. Releasing the Tools

Releasing all of the tools of Office 365 will make the employees overwhelmed. At the rate at which Microsoft is releasing its update, by the time you will be getting to release the tools, it may not be there. So, it will be good if you release a few of the tools at a time and notice which one is working and which one is not. 

2. Teaching the Proper Usage of The Tools 

Giving primary guidance for what tools to use in which scenarios will help the employees in the long term. Moreover, you can also provide a how-to-guide for your users to help them understand the new things you have implemented in your website.

3. Make the Active directory Information Sync and Populate to The User Profiles

The center of your organization is the program that provides all the information on your employees. Back in the days, the spreadsheets were updated manually and the legacy people search system are the things that the people relied on. 

Detailed information and profiles on the employees are slowly becoming the primary part of the Office to improve its features. If you pay attention to the needs of your users, then you will gain enough information on your users. 

Microsoft Office is doing the same thing, and this is the reason you should consider making your user profile populated and in the process, you will be able to interact with more of them. 

4. Providing Good Training

Regarding any software release, training is the most neglected and dreaded part of it. This occurs at the end of every software deployment and feels like an over budget, overdue project, whose budget can be very easily be decreased with no effect at all. 

Moreover, people are busy and they dont want to remember new things and most certainly they also dont want to sit in a classroom for a full week. 

However, there are many options to provide affordable training:

  1. The Office 365 Video Portal– You can make your own videos and upload them on the Video Portal for other people to see. These are useful or the new employees or the employees who were unable to attend during the time of the release of Office 365.
  2. Third-Party Tools- There are many third-party tools, which offer a step-by-step tutorial for all the tools of Office 365. They also provide the links in the SharePoint to make accessing the links more easily.  
  3. Launch and Learn- You should not skip the launch and learn even if you are using nay other learning methods. 

5. Relationship With The Client

The relation with your customers is one of the most important things. A well-reputed consulting organization will never put a complete project on your responsibility if you do not have a good relation with your own customer. 

You should organize meetings with all the groups of your organization when you are releasing Office 365. Additionally, you must also organize follow-up-meetings. 

You should also ask your employees for Office 365 usage reports, what are the improvements which need to be made and are they happy with it. 

With the environment which is always changing, it is very crucial to get acquainted with your business environment frequently. By doing this, you will be able to generate a loop of feedback. It will amaze you as to what information you can get from your users when you are interacting with them face-to-face.  


You should never ignore the importance of raining, customer relationships, and interaction with your own company. By maintaining all these methods you can have a good release of your Office 365. You should also keep yourself updated with the information of Microsoft and when they are releasing other updates.