In an era where most of the world population is hooked to the internet for performing the majority of their personal and professional activities, knowing how to use the internet efficiently can help you perform your online routines easily and quickly. It is equally important to have access to a reliable internet connection. Subscribing to something like Spectrum TV and internet bundle offers, for instance, gives you the peace of mind of enjoying seamless connectivity at the most affordable pricing. So, choosing the right provider and knowing these handy internet hacks can altogether boost your productivity and efficiency online. It can also at times save you from any unnecessary hassles. These days, when we are using the internet for all sorts of communication, online banking, online shopping, or various forms of entertainment, knowing these top internet hacks can help you improve your overall online experience. So, let’s get started:

Muting an Email Thread

At times, an office email thread might become annoying and cause you an unnecessary distraction. But you might not know that there is a simple yet effective solution to end this. Email threads can be muted. All you have to do is click on the “more” tab located at the top of your Gmail, and choose the Mute option.

In the case of Outlook, the home tab may include an option of Ignoring. Clicking on it, you can easily mute an email thread if you want. They can also be unmuted later if needed.

Remotely Logging out From Facebook

Imagine the chaos of using your Facebook account from your friend’s device and realizing later that you forgot to log out. Being horror-struck makes sense since your friend will definitely use this opportunity to the fullest. You can expect the weirdest status or the most embarrassing photo being uploaded and causing trouble throughout your news feed, and you realize it as soon as you receive a bunch of calls with people interrogating about it. So, yes, it is quite a situation and your fear is justified. But do you know that there is a solution to it? You can log out of your profile remotely.

All you have to do is go to the settings option, use the drop-down menu present at the right corner of the screen, choose the security option and go to where you are logged in option that you will see. This is how you can close any open session on any device and secure your privacy.

Reopening a Closed tab

Almost every one of us has been in this situation where we accidentally close an open tab and freak out later the moment we realize what just happened. But, worry no more, since there is a way to reopen it. All you need to do is press command+shift+t in case of a Windows PC.

If you want to reopen other tabs too, you can use it multiple times. In case you mistakenly closed the browser, you can still use this trick to reopen these closed tabs.

Enhance your Wi-Fi Signal

If your home Wi-Fi is giving you a tough time and the signals seem to be dropping now and then, fret no longer. We have a hack that can defuse this annoying situation for you. You can download and make use of the Wi-Fi analyzer apps that can scan the frequencies and provide suggestions to boost your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Check if a Website is Safe

With gazillions of websites out there and knowing the high rate of cybercrimes these days, it is extremely important to stay cautious regarding how safe a website is. This is also often the reason that we avoid exploring many of the sites since we are concerned about staying secure online and not running into any malware attacks.

Well, we have some good news. Here is a simple hack to sort that out. To find out if a website is safe, you can simply use this link, Here, instead of, you can insert the site name whose security you wish to verify. Paste this link in the address bar to authenticate if a site is safe for browsing.

Quick Search for Synonyms

This hack can be a savior for writers. More often, we find ourselves looking for the perfect word to describe our thoughts and put them into words. You can look out for synonyms as quickly as ever by simply putting a ~ symbol before the word you type in the Google search bar and voila! A list of synonyms will appear right in front of you in no time.

Final Words

In a world where life seems to be nothing without the internet, these aforementioned hacks can prove to be very beneficial. You can surely save some good time and steer yourself away from any unnecessary hassle by making use of these simple yet effective internet tricks. So, take note and be sure to try them out.