Many of the iPhone users face the problem of their iPhone keeps restarting. This problem is especially seen in older devices like the iPhone 5/6/7/8/S. However, this problem is not only limited to the older devices but also has affected the newer devices like the iPhone X, XS, and XR. 

With that said, you may be having the question of why does my iphone keep restarting? 

Reasons for why does my iphone keep restarting?

There are 3 main reasons for you iphone to keep on restarting:-

1. Damage of the hardware

This problem can occur if you have accidentally dropped your iphone from a height, or your iPhone has dropped into the water and stayed there for a few minutes. Due to these reasons, your iPhone can sustain some serious hardware damage. This is one of the primary reasons for why does my iPhone keep on crashing?

2. The iOS update is unstable

After you have updated your iPhone to a new system if you perform some faulty operations, it is most likely to crash. This is because the hardware of the device is not compatible with the new system. This is one of the key reasons why does my iPhone keep crashing?

3. Virus

A virus can affect your iPhone if you have downloaded some app and they are viruses. This will cause great damage to your system and will make your iPhone restart over and over again. 

After you have known the reason behind your iPhone keeps restarting, now let us know what are the methods you can apply to solve this problem.

9 Steps to fix iPhone keeps restarting

Ther are many ways by which you can solve the problem of ‘why does my iphone keep restarting?’ Let’s see them one by one:-

1. Factory reset your iPhone

If your iPhone is attacked by some virus or your update has failed, it can cause the iphone to restart over and over again. Factory resetting your iPhone is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. 

To go through with this process, you have to go to the option of ‘Settings’. After that, you have to select the option of ‘General’. Then you have to go to ‘Reset’ and then select ‘Reset All Settings’. This will help your iPhone to factory reset. 

2. Make your iPhone force restart

Another easy solution for the problem of your iPhone keeps restarting is to force restart your iPhone. This process will make all the background process to stop and solve the problem. If you are having an iPhone model of 6 or above, then you can force restart your iPhone by pressing the “Home” and the “Power” button simultaneously. You have to keep them holding until you see the Apple to appear. And you have to press the “Power” and the “Volume Down button simultaneously if you are using the iPhone model 7,7 Plus, or S.

If you are using iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, or XR Max, then the method is a little bit different. You have to quickly at first have to press the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button and then keep the side button pressed till you see the Apple logo on the screen. 

3. Update the iOS

Updating your iOS from time to time is important. However, some of the new updates contain bugs and that can be the reason why your iPhone keeps restarting. So, when you will face this problem, it is best to check if any new updates are available. 

To check for any new updates, you have to go to “Settings”. Then select the option “General”. Within this option, you have to select the option “Software Updates”. Then, if any new updates are available, you have to update it. 

4. Update the Apps

The update of iOS 12 and 12.1 can be one of the main reason for your iPhone to keep on restarting. This is because some of the older apps are not compatible with these updates. Hence, you have to check that which among the apps you are using are incompatible and less used and which is compatible. 

Updating the apps on your App Store

At first, you have to go to open “App Store”. Then, within the category of “Updates”, you have to click on the option “Update all”.

Uninstall the less used apps

First, you have to open the ‘Settings’ option. Then, you have to go to the option of ‘Analysis’. After that, you have to analyze the data to see which of the apps are less frequently used. Then you can select them and delete them. 

5. Restoring your iPhone using iTunes

Another best option to solve the problem of your iPhone keeps restarting is to connect it to iTunes. However, you have to keep this solution as the last option because with this process you will lose all your iPhone settings and data. 

  1. After you have connected to iTunes, it will automatically detect what is wrong with your device. Then after it has detected the problem, a pop-up message will appear and you will have to click on the option “Restore”. This will fix the problem of your iPhone. 
  2. There is also an option of restoring the problem manually. You have to open iTunes and enter the page of  “Summery”. On this page, you will have to click on the option “Backups”. Then, within this option, you have to click on “Restore Backups”. This will start the process of restoring the backup data of yours. 

6. Check if removing the SIM Card solves the problem

Some problems in the wireless carrier of your iPhone can be one of the reasons for ‘why does my iPhone keep restarting?’ To make sure, you can pull the SIM card out of your iPhone and check if the restarting is still occurring or not.  

7. Check the charging port of your iPhone

If the charging port of your iPhone is dirty, you can clean it with the help of a small needle or toothpick. This is because, if there is a short circuit in the charging port then it can cause the phone to restart constantly. 

8. Consider replacing your battery

If you see that the restarting of your iPhone is occurring while charging your phone, then there may be some defect in the battery. If your iPhone is still within the warranty period, then you can replace the battery for free in the Apple store. 

9. Restarting your iPhone with some third-party apps

There are many third-party apps available on the internet if you want to restart your iPhone without losing any of your data. These apps will also help you with the restarting process and will make the process easier. 


I hope that you have got your answer to ‘why does my iPhone keeps restarting?’ And also the solutions. These are the best methods to put a stop to the problem of your iPhone keeps restarting. You can choose the methods according to the cause of the restarting of your iPhone.