Spruce up your creativity and imagination with the reliable, matching and fruitful instruments. Otherwise, achieving something that you truly deserve would be quite difficult. For instance, if you can’t decide the suitable microphones for video recordings for day-to-day vlogging or YouTube content, then you can slip off from your dream. Your target audiences might break the relationship with you just because of the dropping audio quality. 

However, if the recorded video doesn’t make any justice with the audio, then your endeavours simply go in vain. Be it a YouTube content, feature film, wedding videos or a commercial, the lack of top-notch microphones for recording videos might spoil your reputation. Don’t take a chance with your dedication and efforts; rather, you should invest in one or more XLR microphone for your video-justifying audio outputs. 

Here are some of the best recommendations from worldwide renowned creators. Hopefully, this list of preferred microphones for recording videos would help you out.


  • SE Electronics SE2200a


If you’re looking for an XLR microphone for recording your podcast and in-studio production, then this is it, guys. Whether it’s bound to be a male or female voice recording for your upcoming video project, SE electronics SE2200a is a perfect choice. The microphone is categorized as a cardioid condenser, one with a large-diaphragm technology.

However, you need to plug this microphone into an XLR input. The outcome from the recorded audio from the mic seems outstanding. You can get enhanced audio features for your studio and other indoor recording videos. Additionally, you can definitely make changes in the audio qualities by using the mic under the mixing board interface. You would find no issue in editing the recorded audio piece through this XLR microphone, as well.


  • Rode NT-USB


Here’s another trendsetter in the world of microphones for video recording. Rode NT-USB is a dominating name in the kingdom of USB microphones and a suitable consideration for recording YouTube videos and vlogging. On the other hand, the simple plug and play feature makes it extremely popular. However, this is also a cardioid condenser microphone and can effectively reduce the noise levels. So, you can expect only the required audio footage for your video project.

Another advantage of this microphone is that it is one of the most affordable but eminent microphones for recording videos. Editing your voice or blending it with the recorded audio on your computer is pretty easy with this wonder USB microphone. But, you might miss the onboard gain control as it doesn’t have the feature. Preset the volume adjustments and other settings on your computer for a painless video recording experience.


  • Rode VideoMic NTG


Are you more into the on-the-go filming and vlogging? Then, you might be looking for a camera-top mic. And, the microphone manufacturing company, Rode is making the difference by producing dedicated microphones for video recording.. For instance, Rode VideoMic NTG is a sure-shot choice for you, especially when you are craving for broadcast-audio quality. You can attach the microphone to the top of your DSLR cameras, boom pole or smartphone for recording live audio while shooting the video.

Apart from on-the-go circumstances, this directional super-cardioid microphone is a superior pick for live-streaming and podcasts. Additionally, if you have to switch between TRRS and TRS setups randomly, then it offers you auto-sense 3.5mm output for automatically interchanging. You don’t require any adaptor cables for that switching. Moreover, the included safety channel, high-pass filter have raised the demand for this microphone. 


  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone


If you adore USB microphones than the XLR ones for video recording, then you should have a look at Blue Yeti USB microphones. Mostly, YouTubers find it the most reliable for recording great audio at such a comfortable price. Additionally, this microphone looks so aesthetic and impressive that you can connect yourself to the professionalism factors. Besides the designs, if you want to use the microphone for recording videos, it offers you four polar patterns to select from.

In addition to this, the USB microphone from Blue Yeti offers you real-time audio monitoring facilities. All the credit goes to its 3.5mm headphone jack. However, you might have to struggle a little while placing the mic on its stand, for the first time. Or, you can just put that microphone on its own base. And, check the compatibility of cables and other peripherals before you start the actual session, always.


  • Audio-Technica AT2035


Studio microphones for video recording should eliminate noises so that you can get your or your guests’ clear voices. Therefore, your audiences can hear exactly what was discussed in your show. But, any studio consists of computers, other instruments, air conditioners, fans and heaters. If you are just a beginner and looking for an eminent option then Audio-Technica AT2035 would suit your studio ambience

This mic for video recording requires a boom arm for a perfect setting on the provided shock mount. The high-pass filter of 80Hz would obviously mitigate the surrounding noises. As this microphone is a condenser one; hence, it needs enough stimulating power to continue working.


  • Zoom H4N Multitrack Recorder


In case, you are searching for more than microphone properties, then you would love this microphone-recorder. Whether you have to record voices on the mic for video recording or record sounds without any disruption from surrounding noises, then it should be in your studio. Surprisingly, this device holds the capability of recording from two XLR microphones at the same time.


With improved features and updates, the recorder is worth its price. Bring back the liveliness to your videos with this multitrack recorder. Moreover, it can go with your on-the-go shoots, as well. The sound recording quality seems appealing except for the popping audio, especially during voice-overs. Use a pop filter to minimize the glitch. Otherwise, it’s a notable match, if you require microphones for video recording.

Other Details to Consider…

Before purchasing the right microphone for recording videos, decide where you would make the mic sit on. Besides this, whether you would require an XLR or USB microphone and its polar pattern. The outputs should be crisp enough or else there’s no benefit of investing in a video recording microphone. Lastly, check the price and if the microphone justifies your video qualities then don’t hesitate to purchase one. And, you have already got some terrific options for your upcoming investment. So, keep creating!