We live in the digital age with kids as old as 10 years use smartphones. Considering the nature and amount of inappropriate content online, children are prone to misguide or bullied into dangerous activities that may compromise their future. It doesn’t matter age your child is or what type of mobile device they use using, concerned parents always keep an eye on their kids.

A parental control app includes various features that allow parents to monitor and restrict access to harmful content on their children’s smartphones – without the latter knowing. You will find a plethora of parental control apps on the internet – each claiming to be the most vigilant and effective software. However, mSpy is among the best and oldest player in the world of monitoring apps, having over 1 million users worldwide. The developers have been upgrading the mSpy app since 2011 to allow parents to keep their kids away from the dangers of the online world.


What is mSpy?

mSpy is a mobile phone and desktop parent monitoring app available in trial and paid versions. It takes you a couple of minutes to install the app on the target device and start tracking the kid without them having the faintest idea. Because of a good reputation, intuitive dashboard, and high reliability, mSpy is rightly termed as a market leader. It has a significant edge over similar apps when it comes to pricing and the monitoring features they all provide.

Still, have any doubts about whether or not should you buy mSpy software or not? Let us review the ins and outs of this app to remove your queries – if you have any.

mSpy Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

App Store and Google Play Store are full of monitoring apps, but mSpy stands apart in terms of its versatility, universal compatibility, reliability, stealth mode, and 25+ monitoring features. You can install this multi-functional app on both Android and iOS devices (jailbroken and non-jailbroken).

Want to make sure your child is safe wherever they are, mSpy app is your #1 choice to make that happen. Its advanced and up-to-date spying and notification system makes it a must-have tool for parents who want to stay on top of their kids’ online activities and prevent them from unwanted exposure.

Advanced Parental Monitoring: What Makes mSpy the Best

A myriad of reasons justifies why the mSpy app leads the pack and offer a conspicuous advantage over similar apps. It offers parents powerful control over their children’s text messages, calls, emails monitoring, online browsing, and more. Some exclusive features of mSpy are:

App Blocking

Some apps such as Tinder are inappropriate for kids to use as they expose them to sexting and vulgar content at too young of an age. You don’t want them to flirt or allow any stranger to bully them. mSpy helps parents to pause or block any undesirable app on the target device. In a way, it provides a layer of security against harmful apps.

Keylogger for iOS and Android

Internet is a double-edged sword particularly for the young kids in the absence of parental supervision. Your kid can easily be manipulated or bullied to come across violent and harmful content online. The keylogger is a unique feature of the mSpy app that helps you see everything that is typed on the target device, be it text messages, e-mails, URLs, log-ins, etc. That’s why keylogging is an inherent component of advanced parental monitoring.

Website Internet Blocking

mSpy also lets the parent block a list of URL addresses. You can either block certain websites such as porn sites, altogether or restrict any entertainment platform for certain time slots, if your kid is too addicted to it.

spy app mspy

Added Security Monitoring

Additionally, with the mSpy app one can track and monitor Wi-Fi points, geofencing, call blocking, data wiping, phone locking, social media platforms, and other communication apps including Snapchat, SIM change notifications, of the target device. That’s why mSpy is the most advanced and powerful parental control app available all around the world.

Payment Plans of mSpy App

For the ease of customers, mSpy gives a choice between two packages, i.e., basic and premium. The Basic version includes the following features:

  • Messages, emails, and call monitoring
  • Photos and videos monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Access to the contact list and call history
  • Access to notes and calendar
  • A complete record of website browsing including bookmarks
  • Installed apps and their usage
  • 24/7 customer support and more.

The Premium plan offers even more advanced monitoring features such as the ability to block calls, websites, and apps; access to all social media applications, connected Wi-Fi networks, keylogging, and geofencing.

The basic package costs $99.99 a year while you have to pay $199.99 a year for a premium subscription.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy mSpy Now

To sum up, mSpy is an all-in-one parental monitoring app. It offers some of the unique and powerful monitoring features to help parents track their kid’s activities. Thanks to its regular updates, users get an intuitive and easily accessible overview of the target device’s activity.

Your next step should be to buy the right package of mSpy app, either basic or premium, matching your needs and requirements – and make sure your children and safe, wherever they’re.