Sometimes, when you are trying to play a game on your computer, you receive the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” error message. Obviously, the game won’t start. On the other hand, even if the game starts, it can crash, notifying you about an incomplete gaming session. 

When you see the error message on your screen, you feel confused right? The confusion occurs as there is already a graphics card installed on your system. Then why is the system showing such a message? 

The reasons are outdated or corrupted graphics driver, missing VC++ files and few other causes. So, you need to take care of the situation as soon as possible with the help of effective resolving methods that are given here. 

  1. Driver Update — Manually or Automatically

    Updating the graphics card drivers requires time and effort. The manual update requires more time than the automatic update. No matter what your choice is, your prime intention should be to get the latest version of the graphics card driver and eliminate the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” error message. 

    Regarding the manual update, you have to go to the AMD official website and locate the drivers. Now, download all the desired files. In the case of an automatic process, a third-party application will come in handy. It will search for all the missing or outdated drivers in your system and show you the option to download. 

  2. Download the Recovery File

    The Microsoft Visual C++ redistribution patch file supports the graphical user interface to perform correctly. If this patch file gets outdated or corrupted, the system can show the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” error message. So, you have to download the new version of the patch file. 

    The Microsoft support website has the Visual C++ redistribution patch files. You have to find out the section and download the files that belong to service pack one. Furthermore, if your OS is 32 bit, download the 32-bit patch file and follow the same process regarding the 64-bit file.

  3. Renew the AMD Application

    With the help of the AMD application, you can manipulate the graphics card and make all the necessary changes. When you receive the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” message, it seems that you have to remove the AMD application from your system. Clear the system cache files and then install a new setup file. Hopefully, this process will resolve the error. 

  4. Remove the AMD Folder and Install the APU Manually

    Access the AMD folder in the system drive. Generally, it is located in the Programs Files folder. Delete it and get the APU and Chipset file from the AMD website. Install them to eliminate the fault, when your system shows the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” error message.

  5. Check the Compatibility Mode of your System

    It’s obvious that the graphics card is installed on your computer along with the accessories. If there is a lack of compatibility, then the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” can appear. 

    Get the assistance of the Device Manager. From the list of the menu, choose the Display Adapters to uninstall the drivers with the help of the Driver tab. Click on OK to finish the job. Just like old times, download the necessary drivers and install them. 

  6. Turn off the Windows Update Settings

    If the Windows update option is on then the auto-download feature is set to its default settings. If updates are available, the default function starts downloading the files automatically. As the update process consumes a lot of volatile memory, the GPU can show the “no AMD graphics driver is installed” error message. So, the solution is – switch off or disable the auto-download settings from the Advanced option and hopefully, you will not get the error message. 

What is the role of Pixel Patcher?

When none of the above solutions works, then there is an ATI setup file available on the internet. It has the ability to resolve any graphical error. Simply download the zipped file and extract the .exe file. Install it and reboot your system. Hopefully, this will eliminate the issue. 

Important Information 

Whenever you receive the error message on your computer screen, it’s good to try out the above solutions. On the other hand, there can be hardware issues as well. As the message suggests, it seems that there might be a loose connection within the graphics card ports. So, you need to investigate this situation as well. 

As the computer hardware is designed with precision, you must not try to investigate it on your own. Hire a hardware specialist to investigate the matter, if there are loose connections they can fix it. Some of the experts also suggest that if there is malware present in your computer, your graphics card might not perform well. So, you have to install a good anti-malware tool and scan your system.