Any modern games developer who does not make a new gaming title fully available and functional on mobile devices is shooting themselves in the foot even before the game’s official launch date comes around.

This is because the data shows that more and more people are choosing to play on their various mobile devices rather than cumbersome PCs, laptops, and consoles, especially because mobile phones can now be made as secure as any other connected device.

Despite this now being common knowledge among the developer fraternity there are still a great number of games that neglect their mobile player base, choosing instead to focus on traditional PC and console users.

Here we take a look at some of the online games that go out of their way to ensure that mobile gamers are treated to a VIP gaming experience.


 Source: Envato

Mobile users will love any of the games mentioned in this article, all of which go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that people who play on the go are looked after

Sleek Classics Light Up Phones and Tablets

Part of the key to creating a game that can switch seamlessly over to smaller screens is that it boasts a gameplay dynamic that is as simple as possible to navigate, while also ensuring that the action and crucial decision making keeps coming thick and fast.

This means that those ancient games that have been honed over hundreds or thousands of years have a distinct advantage, because they are not dependent on lavish graphics and sound effects in order to impress their players. Some great examples of this are board games like chess or chequers, casino games, and word puzzlers like Scrabble.

The beauty of chess is that its board and pieces easily fit on any screen and moves do not have to be made at lightning quick speed, meaning even less responsive touchscreens can handle the game’s demands. Meanwhile, online casino games are regularly visited by mobile users, so providers have taken their already intuitive gameplay dynamics and tailored them further for mobile players, through the use of HTML5 and other clever coding languages which have slots and table games purring on any device whether it is an Android, iOS, tablet, or phone.

Of course, word and number puzzlers like Sudoku and Scrabble are also ideally suited to smaller screens, as their offline original versions were never very demanding when it came to page or table space.



Some of the best games to play on mobile are those classics of the past which have since become smash hits online

AR Games Only Make Sense on Mobile

It was not that long ago that gamers all over the world were traipsing through urban landscapes, parks, and shopping malls on the lookout for rare and valuable Pokémon. The craze was brought about by a mobile game that used augmented reality technology (AR) to lead its players on a merry chase.

That game was, of course, Pokémon Go and since its release there have been other mobile friendly AR games released, most of which are impossible to play on more static gaming stations. One of these next-gen AR games was Minecraft Earth, which is now unfortunately being wound up by its developers. However, more such games will certainly become available for mobile players in the near future.

Battle Royale Games Surprisingly Good on Mobile

There was a time when it was unthinkable to imagine a game like Call of Duty or Rainbow Six actually working perfectly within the confines of a mobile screen, but the developers of such games are so desperate to take a slice of the burgeoning mobile gaming market – especially in developing countries – that they have pulled out all the stops to make it a reality.

This means that many games like the aforementioned COD as well as others like Genshin Impact and PUBG are now almost every bit as playable on mobile as they are on PC or console. Mobile players should probably be aware, though, that a mobile controller will aid them in getting the most out of these games.