With the growing demand for high-speed internet and our dependence on it for carrying out the most trivial or high-priority tasks, there has also been a dire need for better online security. While the World Wide Web is our savior for not just professional or personal online tasks, but also for staying connected to the world, it has become a playground for cybercriminals to play their tricks into fooling people online and stealing their personal information. Therefore, cybersecurity has undoubtedly become one of the biggest concerns these days. This is why all big internet providers consider the online security aspect more than ever before. So, it is not just the bandwidth speed, but also the online protection that must be brought to notice while choosing a suitable internet plan for yourself. Users of Time Warner Cable internet, for instance, enjoy the peace of mind of a faster and more secure connectivity experience. Being careful and looking into safe internet browsing and maximum online security does make an impact on your overall connectivity experience.

This has also given rise to the widespread usage and need for a reliable VPN to ensure maximum protection online and shield your privacy. By getting a VPN installed on your system, you can enjoy more carefree browsing or use public Wi-Fi hotspots without worrying much about hackers. An excellent choice to make among the dozens of VPNs available would be OVPN. It is a well-known VPN company, popular among the users for all the right reasons. So, without further ado, let’s have a quick overview to learn what makes OVPN a top choice for foolproof protection and privacy.

Maximum Privacy and Security for Users

OVPN offers maximum user privacy and protection. With a no-logs policy and diskless servers, OVPN has a concise privacy outlook, which clearly states that they have no confidential information as the servers have no disk drives. You can pay OVPN using Bitcoin or cash payments. Equipped with a seven-layer security model, the OVPN DNS servers make sure that it protects your DNS privacy.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and other Devices

One of the impressive features of OVPN is the never-ending list of operating systems and devices that it supports. These include Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Raspberry Pi, etc. Moreover, it also provides you detailed guides, so you can check out the steps required to install OVPN on nine various types of routers and other devices.

No Dedicated iOS app

OVPN does not provide any dedicated VPN app for iOS devices, which makes it different from other VPN providers, who usually do. Therefore, OVPN offers iOS support through third-party apps only.

Provides Browser Extensions

OVPN offers extensions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Vivaldi. These extensions play a critical role in preventing you from logging into unsafe websites if the VPN is not activated. These extensions are also helpful for blocking any ads or trackers.

Streaming Support

Taking your streaming needs into account, OVPN has a very flexible approach towards streaming support. It comes with a setting called ‘Enable Streaming Services’. Once you choose it, OVPN will send all the streaming traffic through the best streaming-compatible server available. The other VPN server takes care of the non-streaming content.

Configuration Options

You get to enjoy a plethora of OVPN options to configure it and put it to use just the way you want. You can visit the Settings option to find out a long list of configuration options to adjust according to your requirement and convenience.

It also allows you to connect to a particular server with the app that shows you the traffic along with the ping time to make it even easier for you.

Monthly Reports

To make sure that the users are aware of the service and well-informed about the status, OVPN provides monthly transparency reports. It is quite an impressive feature that is not common among the big VPN providers. These reports are accessible on its website under the Status and Transparency section, which will give you clear information about whatever is going on.

Payment Methods

You can use any of the four available payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, cash, or Bitcoin, for clearing your dues. Cash is among the completely anonymous methods of payment, where you can mail the money order or check using your OVPN username. A less anonymous payment method is Bitcoin.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a convenient and reliable VPN service to safeguard your privacy, then OVPN is definitely a top recommendation as supported by the aforementioned pros and features. It is incredibly designed for providing maximum online security, has compatibility with a wide range of devices, supports streaming, has many configuration options, provides monthly transparency reports, and offers multiple payment methods for more convenience – that altogether makes it a perfect fit for users!