PC Matic is basically an optimizing tool that is capable of doing a lot of things, perhaps it is not an antivirus. Besides, it is affordable to use and can be used in almost every device. PC Matic is capable of significantly boosting your system by doing various scanning processes. This app is quite impressive as it constantly blocks legit apps and programs that can slow down your PC.

Apart from PC, you can use this in your mobile device as well. So, you might be asking if PC Matic is good enough to use? Well, in this article, we are going to discuss completely PC Matic reviews.

Some Highlights of PC Matic:

PC Matic antivirus not being a one still provides some of the best options that make it highlighted in the market full of competitors. So, you can check the highlights of the PC Matic below:

  • PC Matic has a unique approach when it detects and eliminates malware.
  • It provides Whitelisting, Fileless, Script Block as well as RDP port controls.
  • However, you can avail to use it on any Windows version, as it supports all the Windows starting from Windows XP.
  • Available in almost all the major languages, such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and even Japanese.
  • PC Matic has the full support of Android devices.
  • It can automatically update itself thus automated PC maintenance.
  • It does not impact the system much and also you can run it in very old PCs.
  • PC Matic comes equipped with built-in AdBlocker.
  • Very simple to use and also very easy to install.

Features of PC Matic that You Don’t Wanna Miss:

PC Matic has a lot of features apart from the highlights that make it stand out in the market full of competitors. Let’s just look for the features of the PC Matic.

  1. PC Matic does provide a Real-Time Antivirus
  2. Manual scanning of viruses is available
  3. Registry Startup Scan is also available
  4. Automatic Virus Scanning for all files and folders
  5. Scheduled Scanning is available
  6. Anti-Spyware
  7. Anti- Worm
  8. Anti-Trojan
  9. Anti-Rootkit
  10. Anti-Phishing
  11. Prevents Adware
  12. Smartphone Optimizer
  13. Email as well as Ticket Supporter

What makes the PC Matic Good for you to Choose?

Probably, you would want to know what is PC Matic good for? Basically, it is good for the outdated owners of Windows, such as Windows XP users. This is what makes it stand out. It can run even in an old PC with very minimum PC configurations. This adds a positive point to the PC Matic.

Ease of use

Lastly, talking about the ease of use of the software, PC Matic is very simple to use and very user-friendly. Besides, the installation is very fast as well as easy. Although PC Matic is not an antivirus though it works perfectly fine to maintain the security of your system and clutter the malware

However, you might be thinking with all such features how good PC Matic is. Basically, PC Matic comes for the free version but you can get an annual subscription as well as a lifetime subscription.

How PC Matic is Reliable for Security Purposes?

As you know the fact that PC Matic is not an antivirus, although it was put into AV-tests. And there it managed to earn a 100% detection rate. However, in the VB100 test, PC Matic has failed a lot of times because it was constantly blocking valid programs and software that are important for your system. In addition to that, it has blocked 800+ valid programs. 

Malware Protection

There is an exceptional way of how PC Matic detects the malware. Basically, it creates a whitelist of all the safe files and then leaves them alone whenever it gets files from the list and the rest are put into strict scanning. This process is the opposite in the case of other antiviruses.

Scanning Options

The scanning process of the PC Maric is quite different from the other antivirus, as instead of running a focused scan, you have to run a full scan. PC Matic comes equipped with various kinds of scanning processes such as disc fragmentation, performance tweak as well as malware detection. Basically, PC Matic starts a quick scan to check for the issue in the OS and to attend to them. Next, it creates a detailed report of the system by running a number of benchmark tests.

Now, the results will be given to you by the color processes. As for failed tests, it is red, skipped tests are grey. However, the green indicates that the PC is clean and in excellent condition. So, if your results show green, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Pros and Cons of PC Matic

With all the information above, you need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the PC Matic. In order to know about that, you have to check the given below section.

Pros of PC Matic

  • As you may not know, PC Matic has an impressive whitelist-based anti-malware protection.
  • It is quite affordable compared to other similar products in the market.
  • PC Matic offers you a lifetime subscription.
  • The PC optimization tools of the PC Matic are outstanding.
  • Perhaps, it comes with a 30-day money-return guaranteed policy.

Cons of PC Matic

  • It is known to block valid apps as well as programs.
  • However, it has not been put in to test by many independent companies.
  • A lot of desires are left in the malware scan
  • The manual test is a bit tough to run.
  • Regular apps or programs take a longer time to launch.

Summing Up

That is all with the PC Matic reviews. You now are known to the advantages of using it. PC Matic download is easy as you will be getting it on their official website. So, you can go to their website, download the software and install it in your system.