Reunion parties are an essential part of our social activities. It brings people together to share memories and connect on a better level. Families spread far and wide because of work, marriage, or any other reason, so it becomes a challenge to reunite and celebrate together.

A virtual reunion is the best alternative to an actual party. Apart from some planning, it does not require any hard technical skills. You need a proper internet connection to host your next reunion party online. If you are planning to host your virtual reunion party, this blog is for you.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to plan your next online reunion party that your guests will love:

Choose A Video Conferencing Platform

The first thing you need while planning your next reunion party online is to choose the best video conferencing platform. It is crucial to do proper research about the platform features before you sign up for an account.

Two platforms that are dominating the video conferencing industry are Zoom and Skype.

  • Zoom: It is one of the most used video conferencing platforms in the world. It allows up to 100 participants to join a video call.
  • Skype: It is another video conferencing platform launched in 2003. It is convenient and offers features like free internet call on the phone.

Apart from these, You can also use AI Text-to-Video platforms like Microsoft themes, Cisco Jabber, Teamviewer, Zoho meeting, and many more. Once you select the platform, create an account using your email ID or phone number so that you can invite others.

Make A List Of Guests

Once you have created an account, it is time to make the list of guests that will join your online reunion party. It is advisable to invite fewer people than you would to a regular party because unlike a real party, everyone has to talk to one another at the same time.

Technically you can invite a lot of people to your online party, but you should only invite 10 to 15 people so that everyone can get involved in the conversation.

Make Sure Your Guests Are Familiar With The Platform

Before you start sending invitations, make sure all your guests know how to access the video conferencing platform. A lot of time will be wasted if you have to guide everyone during your party.

Once you know every guest knows how to access the platform, you can create and share custom invitations with a free invitation maker app.

Create A Beautiful Invitation

To make sure all your guests show up at your reunion party, you need to create the best invitation. One of the best ways to invite guests is with an invitation video because it is engaging, and you can add your creativity while designing them.

You can explore a lot of online promo video maker free to create the best invitation for your guests. Spend enough time and effort into creating a beautiful invitation to ensure the participation of every guest.

Do not Invite Everyone at Once

Online reunion parties are very different from real parties. In a real party, people don’t enter at the same time, but in an online party, everyone can pop up on your screen at once. To avoid this, you can invite people at slightly different times, say, with a gap of a minute.

In this way, you will have a more gradual flow to interact, and there will not be any uncomfortable moments for anyone.

Use A Stable Internet Connection

The quality of your internet connection matters the most in the success of your online reunion party. Make sure you have a proper internet connection, especially as a host. A shaky internet connection will ruin your online party, and your guest might leave due to unpleasant experiences.

Check your internet plan’s validity before the party to make sure you have an active connection that will not be interrupted.

Ask Your Guest To Have Their Favorite Drinks

If you feel your online reunion party is getting too dull or professional, ask your guests to bring their favorite drink or bites. It will lighten the mood and bring life to your party.

You can play multiple games with your guests while they are sipping their favorite drinks. There are various ways on the internet to engage your guests and have a fantastic experience.

Make Sure Everyone Is Included

People split off into little groups in regular parties, but it is not an option in an online reunion. People have to talk to each other simultaneously, which can make a few guests uncomfortable. You have to be very mindful of who is being included.

Make sure no guest feels that they are not part of the conversation. Ask them questions so that they feel included. You, as the host of the party, is responsible for keeping everyone happy.

Make Use Of Stickers, Emojis And Other Features

Video conferencing platforms offer many stickers, emojis, and other features that you can use to bring some fun to your party. You can also use custom background images that will add a fun factor to the party. Another great feature is to use custom filters and masks.

All of these exciting features can bring life to your online reunion party. Some platforms even allow its users to use their creative avatar for video conferencing.

Know When to End the Party

As s host, it is your call to end the party, and you should know when to let the conversation die out before it gets awkward. You can also inform your guest about the party’s duration in the invitation, but you still have to wave everyone goodbye. Pay close attention as the host when is the right time to end the conversation.


These are some of the tips that you must follow to create the best experience for your guests. You can add your creative ideas to make these reunions more fun.

Online reunion is gaining immense popularity in recent years for good reasons, and now, with the pandemic, they are even more common. We, as humans, must leverage these technologies to celebrate the togetherness.