Essay is something that requires a lot of focus when writing it. Many things need to be followed when writing an essay.

However, an essay can even be done in 2 hours if you put all your focus on it. The main part of an essay is when researching the given topic. It’s only possible if you have the motivation and desire to do it as nothing is achievable without one’s desire and motivation.

An essay requires a lot of research on the topic before you can write it. You can also take help from a paper writing service if you’re very short on time. They will help you with the research and can gather all the main ideas for you so the essay can be done a lot quicker than usual.

Make sure to eliminate all the distractions around you because you’ll need all the attention you can get. Turn off your phone or your notifications so you don’t get distracted every 5 minutes.

You can’t and should not fake the information because you will get caught. Trust me when I say this, your teachers aren’t dumb and know everything about the given topic. They do all the research on the topic before giving it to you as an assignment.

Most of the time, you will be given a topic by your teacher but if you aren’t, you should choose something that you like to write about so you don’t get bored while doing the research. This will make essay writing much more interesting and enjoyable.

Here’s how you can write an essay when you’re short on time;

Carefully read the assignment

The instructions given on the assignment paper are very important and are a must to be followed when writing. If you don’t follow them, the teacher might fail you due to you not following the guidelines of the assignment.

Think of instructions as your teacher’s expectations and every student should meet and live up to their teacher’s expectations.

Research about the topic

As said above, if you’re short on time, you can hire a paper writing service to do it for you to speed up the process. All information should be legit and trustworthy as it’s everything is checked by your teacher and you don’t want them catching you using fake information to get the essay done quicker.

Start writing

Due to less time, I won’t suggest you draft the essay as drafting can take up to 30minutes. Start with an intriguing introduction so that the reader reads the whole thing and not leaves it.

The body should be of 4-5 paragraphs with each main idea and a supporting argument to it. Try to use shorter sentences so the reader can easily understand what you’ve written.

Also, don’t be too wordy when describing things as it gets annoying for the reader. Just be specific and go straight to the point.


A conclusion should be about 2-3 lines maximum. Just review the points and give your own opinion on the topic.