This isn’t a question or a hype anymore. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in several industries to make the job easy and smooth. They are becoming a high demand sector. Due to the increasing rate of AI adoption and automation, the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning professionals has grown up to 60 percent this year.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to increase sales, manage the supply chain and keep records, detect fraud, solve problems, improve customer experience, automate work processes and make predictive analysis.

Multi-National businesses like McDonald and Amazon started doing research and development a few years ago and have already started using robots incorporated with AI to achieve perfection.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a domain of computer science and its main focus is the formation of Intelligent machines that work and behave like humans. Any machine that mimics human or our intellectual activities such as problem-solving, planning, learning and ability to manipulate is an AI.

Machine Learning is an application which is based on Artificial Intelligence and the idea is to give machines access to data and help them learn by themselves.

In simple term, Machine Learning is the capacity for computers to learn and behave without being precisely programmed.

You need to learn and research more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in order to work with them and make it as useful as possible.

For example, an Australian Robotic company has developed a robot, that can lay 2,000 bricks in two hours, and the same task would take 2 human bricklayers an entire day or more to complete.

Many of you might have a belief that robotic automation can be troublesome. But robots are being used for decades now in many industries such as manufacturing and automotive.

Some of you may also believe that Artificial Intelligence will somehow make our lives better and safe, but more or less every commercial sector have a chance of getting afflicted by automation in the upcoming years. The world will be blurry for the coming years if not taken decision consciously.

How Technology Replacing Human Jobs: Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Very recently, the World Economic Forum predicted that if robotic automation takes place in a large scale worldwide, then more than 4 million people across 15 developed countries can lose their jobs by 2020.

A Study conducted by Internation labor Organisation says, that more than 130 million labor can lose their jobs across the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia especially affecting the manufacturing industry,

Several segments of Jobs are at high risk of getting displaced by robots.

US-based research says around 700,000 employees in the IT and BPO industry are assumed to lose their jobs to Artificial Intelligence and automation in India by 2022.

The International Federation of Robotic indicates that robotic industry will have a growth of 20-25 percent between 2018-2020. Productions of robots have already increased to 14 percent by now.

A important question arrives is whether we would be able to pace up with the automation world and try to create new kind of jobs to see how to use Artificial Intelligence to our benefit or not. You should start acquiring knowledge about the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and how to use them as per our convenience.

People are now making a shift to AI Industry hoping to learn and even work with AI.  

AI is necessary to take our humans to the next level. You should be consciously decisive about your future. It’s up to you whether to become a victim or an AI expert.

How would it be if you chose AI as a Career Option?

The requirement of AI Engineers and specialist are growing exponentially all over the world. It requires certain skills sets to sustain in this industry and can be brought to several fields like a game programmer, data scientist, automation engineer, software engineer, deep learning specialist and many more.

This period from 2018- 2024 signifies that AI engineers and skilled workers are in high demand and the supply is very low. So this is a great opportunity to grab.

Thousands of people are shifting to Artificial Intelligence industry and learning to work after an AI and perfect it. Artificial Intelligence is one of the profitable career choices today. The growing need for AI also needs specialists to train and analyze them.

According to a report, almost one-third of total robotic deployments will outperform humans and traditional machines. We will make a robot which will be capable of working with other robots and especially along with humans.

 By the end of this year leading brands from all over the world will employ Chief Robotics Officer. Average salaries in the robotics segment are estimated to grow by at least 58 percent by 2020 but due to the lack of mature labors available jobs in robotics will remain empty.

Companies like Google have started creating video content to propose an entry-level into basic concepts. Other e-learning platforms are offering full programs to get started as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

The most important part is robot can not service, repair or program themselves yet, they would absolutely need us. If the robotic automation grows people will not completely be put out of jobs apart from the lower-skilled workers, instead can get employed in this industry. This will create jobs like skilled technicians, management, programmer, accounts and many other essential roles.

Ending Note

You can say it is one of the most lucrative career choices. You should start growing interest in logic and reasoning, mathematics, technology and adapt to changes.

This is a good time to start mingling with AI and making it a choice.

Lacking talent in the AI field may need you.

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