Nowadays, digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses to cope up with the changing trends. Otherwise, chances are high you will get lost in this competitive world.

So, if you plan to do digital marketing in bd, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. It will help you get a complete idea of the benefits, along with the challenges you may face. Continue reading to know in detail.

Advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing can take a company of next door to an international level. And that too with a small investment.

Have a look at the below advantages that digital marketing promises to every kind of business:

Global reach

Digital marketing has changed the entire game of marketing. With digital marketing, you have the ability to reach out to audiences on a global scale. You can promote your brand conveniently and globally with relatively a small budget. New companies, small companies, and startups all get a chance to fight larger competitors in this space.


One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is you don’t need to have a huge investment to promote your products and services. Instead, you can market your products at a time to tons of customers here with relatively low investment.

What’s more interesting is with a small investment, you can make an incredible return on your investments. But for that, you need to come up with unique and innovative ideas to drive customers to you.

As everything is online, it takes only a couple of moments to connect to numerous people. You also don’t need a large office to run your business. Only a small amount of skilled employees are enough to do wonders.

Convenience and accessibility

You can do your digital marketing 24/7 by staying in any corner of the world. You practically just need two things in hand: a smart device and an internet connection.

The quicker you respond to your customers when they reach out to you, the more reliable they will perceive you. Moreover, your customers can know about your products/services, store locations, areas you specialize in, etc. at all times very easily from their digital devices.

All these things create a positive impact on the customer’s mind. Hence, digital marketing is undoubtedly a game-changer if you can make the proper use of it.

Easy targeting

You can easily customize and filter your marketing efforts based on gender, location, age, etc to target specific customers. Additionally, if any customers end up on your website, you can easily know this and thus welcome them with targeted and discount deals to convert them.

Closer relationships with your customers

Through digital marketing, you can promote your products/services through various popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. All these platforms can play a massive role in building trust and driving customers to your business. And more customer involvement rate means the higher the chances they will buy from you, which ultimately will increase your overall profit level. When you’re available on digital platforms, your customers can reach out to you very easily. With the right team in place, you can respond to them effectively and cater to their needs. This way, your customers feel a lot more closer to you and are more likely to become advocates for your brand.

Trackable results

Another big advantage of digital marketing is it provides you the ability to monitor the results of your marketing efforts very effectively. You can know exactly the condition of all your marketing campaigns, such as which are bringing profits to the business, which aren’t working as expected, etc. You can make the correct decisions for improving your business based on these results. As a result, the evaluation process becomes much easier.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

Every coin has two sides. The same goes for digital marketing, and it can fail you if you don’t do the needed research and act accordingly to overcome the challenges.

Go through the below disadvantages that you might face for doing digital marketing:

Highly competitive

Although you can reach out to global customers via digital marketing, it will also mean that you will be up against international competitors. Hence, it can become a challenge to beat them and make a strong stand unless you are creative enough to make your marketing campaigns really stand out.

Security concerns

The threat of hackers is real. In digital marketing, hackers can breach your digital marketing platform or your website if you do not have adequate security measures in place. Consequently, your reputation could take a big hit.

Experienced staff required

Having a well-qualified and skilled staff is a must to conduct digital marketing successfully. Otherwise, it will be tough to cope up with the changing trends and tools.

To conclude

The world we live in now is totally dependent on digital platforms. As a result, if you don’t tune your business with these trends, you will find yourself lagging behind others.

Therefore, if you want to scale up your business, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing is a must.