The Legends of Neverland is a newly released role-playing game developed by GameArk Global in July 2021. There are many classes in the game and also has the best gameplay. You can get more adventure in this game by doing activities like fishing, mining, cooking, etc. The players can adopt different fashions in the game. You can also freely switch between different classes. The players can explore unknown mysteries in the game. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy this game on their Smartphones. You can also play The Legends of Neverland on PC by using Android emulators.

Neverland on PC

Class Guide

The Legends of Neverland is unique role-playing with typical gameplay. In this game, the players can select legendary characters from different classes and play the game. It has a unique tier list that revolves around 4 different classes of the game. In each class, the characters have different skills and abilities. The Legends of Neverland is new for some players and therefore many players are unaware of the tier list of this game. The tier list is not complex for old players and they can easily select the best characters for their team to train them and fight against the enemy characters. The Legends of Neverland has four classes named Gladiator, Ranger, Craftsman, and Scholar. These are not the same and each possesses unique skills. The roles of these four classes are also different from each other and they can perform different functions. So the players need to understand these classes completely. Here in this article, we will discuss the classes and skills in detail. After our this classes and skill guide all the new players can select the best character for its game. So for better results read the guide carefully.

Gladiator Class

The Gladiator class of The Legends of Neverland is also known as the swordman class and it is the power damage dealing class of this game. The skills of the Gladiator class are given below.


Air Raid

It deals with high damage and also its damage-dealing increases when the target comes closes.

Punitive Chop

Through this skill, the enemy can be damaged by launching the sword energy.

Combo Hit

This skill is specialized for front area, and it can damage front area enemies three times more. It also has cool downtime.


This skill can stun the target and deal with double damage.


It is a near area skill of this class and it harms the enemies four times than normal damage.

Ranger Class

The Ranger class is also an attacker and damage dealing class of The Legends of Neverland. It also immobilizes the enemies for few seconds. Mostly this class characters are experts in high damage dealing. The skills of this class are following


Arrow Vortex

It is the best skill of this class and through it, you can mark the target and hit the target like a hunter. It can deal with 30% more damage.

Arrow of Shattering

It is a front area specialized damage dealing skill of this class and it also can apply Hunter’s mark to the target.


This skill can apply Hunter’s mark and can damage the target with 5 times more damaging effects.

Bolt Shifting

This skill can immobilize the nearby enemies for 5 seconds. To better results, the skills can also utilize Hunter’s mark and damage target more by it.

Kick in the Roundhouse

It is also a front area skill of this class and can deal with adversaries’ damage.

Craftsman Class

The Craftsman class is famous for blasting powder. It has also support skills and can deal with high damage. It can help the team to recover HP and also sometimes stuns the target. It has many skills


Blasting Sparkle

The Blasting Sparkle is the more powerful and famous skill of this class. It has blast power to damage enemies and this power can weaken the enemies for 5 seconds. This skill can also inflict vulnerability on its target.

Restraint of Blood

This skill is support and damage dealing. It attacks nearby enemies and recovers 15% HP for each second. It can also inflict vulnerability and deal with massive damage.

Blazing Fire

The summon Hydra, can damage the target in the Hydra region and is also famous for inflicting vulnerability.

Flamy Charge

This skill can charge the target and damage the opponents with 2 times the power. The target inflicts vulnerability can be utilized through this skill.

Scholar Class

This class has few skills and it is specialized for some purposes only. Here we discuss its skills.

Scholar Class


It can damage the opponents by launching fireballs on them.

The sacrifice of the thunder

It is high damage dealing and lightning skill of this class. It can light around the players and deal with 6X damage.

Freezing Spell

It can freeze your nearby area and inflict damage to the target also freeze you for one second.

Pious Light

It is a healing skill of scholar class and it can heal at the rate of attack.

How to download The Legends of Neverland on PC?

The Legends of Neverland is released this month and the players can play this game on any device. Many players like to play the game on Smartphones and also some like to play it on PC. It can be downloaded freely on PC by any player with the help of Android emulators. The players can download and use any Android emulator but the lightest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

It is a lighter Android emulator to play games on PC. It has a fast browsing and gameplay system. It has a lighter weight and it is safe for the PC system of players. It has high-quality graphics and the best interface for players. It has advanced settings and features for easy PC gaming. It can keep your privacy and does not affect your PC system.

what is LDL player

How to download LDPlayer?

  1. Go to the website of LDPlayer.
  2. Tap on the available emulator and click the download button.
  3. Wait for few seconds.
  4. Install it after downloading.
  5. Open LDPlayer and visit its store to download games.

how to download