TomTom is well-known as well as a popular brand that provides several portable Global Positioning System. In addition to that TomTom provides various GPS devices both for personal as well as commercial vehicles that are available to use as built-in or you can use it externally. TomTom GPS devices come pre-equipped with millions of roads to navigate throughout the world. Another device that is given to you by the TomTom is the TomTom traffic receiver.

So if you are here to know about the Tomtom Trafic receiver and how you can use it then you are in the right place. As in this article, we are going to discuss the TomTom Traffic Receiver and how the device works.

What is TomTom Traffic Receiver?

Apart from the other TomTom GPS devices, the Traffic receiver is an optional upgrade. This device basically provides reports of the local traffic incidents such as the delays, road construction as well as road accidents. This can be used along with the TomTom GPS device to know the condition of the road that you are going to take to reach a destination. Thus this ensures you don’t get involved in any obstacles on the way to reach the destination.


TomTom has designed the Traffic Receiver to replace the charging cable so that it can provide your GPS device with the road condition. Thus keeping you up to date with the traffic data. To install the traffic receiver you have to connect it to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter. And then to connect with the TomTom GPS device you need to attach the mini-USB cord to the GPS device. Once the connection is made, you have to place the traffic receiver on the windshield, thereby making sure that it is not obstructed from your view by anything. Besides, you should know that the receiver is essential for both delivering as well as receiving traffic updates in the device.

Radio Data System-Traffic Message Channel

TomTom Traffic Receiver uses the local FM stations to let you know about the Traffic data. Basically the FM stations broadcast low-frequency Radio Data System-Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC), without using the GPS satellite information which is actually used by the TomTom device. You might be thinking why it uses the RDS-TMS? Well because the RDS-TMC is based on the radio signals means wherever you place the antenna it will show the data of that place. However, the signal may get obstructed due to weather as well as environmental conditions, such as the tall buildings or mountains.

Usage of TomTom Traffic Receiver

Once you have installed the Traffic receiver, you will be able to see a traffic bar in the TomTom GPS device. However, this will basically activate once you set a location to reach. Once the journey starts, you can tap on the traffic bar. Then the Traffic receiver will display the traffic information of the road that you are going to use to travel for the destination. In addition to that, the information that you will be getting on the bar includes traffic jams, detours, accidents and many other causes of a major delay to reach the destination. 


Besides, you should know that to use the TomTom Traffic Receiver, make sure that the TomTom GPS device you are using is having the most recent version of the TomTom application installed in it. If not then you can use the TomTom HOME software on your computer and using that you can update the firmware of the TomTom GPS device. If your computer is not having TomTom HOME application, then go to the official website and from there download the software and install it on your computer.

Advanced Methods For Live Traffic Data

As you are known about the fact that the TomTom uses FM radion frequency for receiving the traffic data. However things have changed now, the live traffic data are far more superior now and also much more accurate. As the Traffic message channel is not much accurate nowadays. So the next question that can hit your mind.

Where Live Traffic Data Comes from?

Before understanding that you need to know that the TomTom Traffic receiver is a sat nav that means Satellite Navigation System. So what it actually does is that it sends live data of your geographical location. And thereby receive data from the Sat Nav Headquater. And all this is done by the TomTom Traffic receiver. Although you can check the given below examples to know more.

  • The network providing company Vodafone, uses the location, speed and also the movement of the mobile that uses its network to collect the traffic data. After that, the data is converted to anonymous. And then sent to the TomTom Traffic Receiver for further use.
  • The Highway Agency of the UK uses the network camera and road sensors to gather information on the traffic data and thereby sending it to your traffic receiver.
  • Some lorries and taxis are partnered with Traffic Information service, and they get installed with the telematics and navigation devices. Thereby collecting the data of traffic.

How the Traffic Information is Turned For The Traffic Receiver?

You might be thinking about how the traffic data information is turned and shown to you. Well, all the information provided is processed by the sat nav HQ. After that, the processed data is laid over on the road maps. And data provide whether the road is congested or not. However, all the process is done by computers

The next task of the HQ is to find and create another faster route for you to reach the destination. However, for some people, this might not happen while for some this might create a more hassle-free and faster way to the destination. 

Then the final task is to send all the information to the TomTom Traffic Receiver. After that, you can decide whether to take an alternate way to reach the destination or not.

Does This Process Actually Solve the Traffic Problem?

Perhaps, you might be thinking about this question. Well, it does really solve the Traffic Problem. As they show the traffic data as well as the alternate route, thus many users take the alternate way to avoid the congestion. And as per the feedback of the users, the Traffic Receiver works fine and shows accurate results.

Wrapping Up

Now you are aware of what is TomTom Traffic Receiver and how it works. In order to avail of the traffic data, you can use the TomTom Traffic Receiver along with the TomTom GPS device or any other GPS device to avail the ways. Happy Journey.