Music is the best way to refresh your mind, calm you down, distract you, reduce stress, etc. But to listen to music, you have to do it first. The music industry is not a big problem these days because of the thousands of free programs available on the market. There is still no alternative to the PC where you can download and install the music creation software or DAW.


CHOUCAS Workstation means digital audio. It is a piece of paper and an empty brush needed by the artist to create his artwork on them. All you have to do is bring in heavenly sounds, talent and creativity. DAW is a computer program designed to edit, record, mix and master audio files. It allows users to create any music without any live instruments. It also allows you to record various tools, MIDI and voice controllers, track setting, rearranging, paste, cut, paste, add effects and, in the end, finish the song you are working on.

  1. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a powerful music creation program that helps you put your ideas into practice. This tool contains everything you need to create magnetic music. It is considered the best digital audio workstation for most players. It is free to download and compatible with Mac and Windows.

It provides live functionality with advanced MIDI recording capabilities that allow you to work with both hardware and software components. The live feature also provides you with a music dashboard for mixing and matching musical ideas.

It allows multitrack recording, cutting, trimming, copying and pasting, etc. It has several audio packages and 23 audio libraries to create an entirely different piece of music from other music producers. It also provides a unique counterfeiting feature that allows you to change the rhythm and timing in the real world without pausing or pausing the music. The audio it contains comes from acoustic instruments, multi-sample drum kits and more. To install Ableton with all the libraries and audio files, you need at least 6 GB of hard disk space.

  1. FL Studio

FL Studio, also known as Fruity Loops, is a good music production program for beginners. It has been on the market for some time now and is one of the most popular programs to date. It is a user-friendly music program plugin.

It comes in three versions: Signature, Producer and Fruity. All these versions share standard features, but Signature and Producer bring additional functionality that allows you to create real masterpieces. This program is used by international artists and has everything you need to make the best music in the world.

It provides a variety of features to correct the sound, cut, paste or stretch to transform the pitch or the works. It has all the usual protocols you could think of. At first, it takes a while to get used to it, but once you know its features, it becomes straightforward to use. It also provides MIDI software, microphone recording, editing and standard mixing with a simple and easy to use interface. It works with Windows and Mac, and once you get used to it, you can also use its advanced features. To install this program, you need a hard disk with a capacity of at least 4 GB.

The best alternative of FL Studio is logic pro X, which is also developed by Apple and come only for IOS. If you want to download that for windows, you need to install virtual environment. You can find the detailed steps here:

  1. Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is a powerful music production tool that will help you unleash your creative genius. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you mix music professionally, Avid Pro Tool is for you.

If you ask a professional product or sound engineer, they’ll tell you that looking for something other than Avid Pro is like wasting your time. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows. It’s the perfect program for new singers, songwriters, and musicians in Pro Tool.

It offers a variety of features such as the standard ability to create, record, mix, edit, master, and share tracks. It has a track freeze function that allows you to quickly freeze or unfreeze plugins on the way to free up processing power. It also has a project review function that keeps all version history organized for you. This feature also allows you to explore new versions of a song or audio track, take notes and quickly return to a previous state from anywhere. To install this program, you need a hard disk with a space of 15 GB or more. It also has an advanced version with a high-speed processor, 64-bit memory, fungal measure, etc.

  1. Acid Pro

Acid Pro is a practical tool for music production. Its first version was released 20 years ago, and new versions have appeared with additional features since then.

It has various features such as it supports built-in editing which allows you to edit MIDI data using the piano roll easily and drum grid, easily adjust volume and length and other parameters, the mapping tool and cutting tools allow you to remix which will enable you to change the music quickly, groove mapping and grove cloning change Format MIDI files with a single click. Time stretch also works well to slow down or speed up the sample or path if necessary. It has a CD burning function, and you can save your file in different formats such as MP3, WMA, WMV, AAC and many others.

The new versions of Acid Pro offer a fresh and elegant user interface, a robust 64-bit engine, multitrack recording and many more. Thanks to its 64-bit architecture, you can enjoy its full power on your computer while creating new projects.