TotalAV antivirus application is called “antivirus”, but along with protecting the computer against viruses, it also protects the computer against adware, spyware and other malware. It has some of the best features of anti-spyware settings. This makes it compete with some of the top names on the antivirus software.

You can ask “is Total AV really free?” For this, the answer is both Yes and No. You have to know that the best features are only available on the paid version of the software. The Total AV free version is only a simple scanner for viruses. The experts never recommend using the free version of antivirus software. The money you will be paying is worth every penny for the security of your computer.

Features of Total AV Antivirus:

So, let us see what are the features that you can get with the paid version of the Total AV antivirus:-

Virus Scan

There are two types of scans in the Total AV antivirus. They are System Scan and Quick Scan. The scan normally takes about 10 minutes to complete. This scanning process will have an insignificant effect on the performance of the computer. Hence, you will be able to use your computer effectively while the scan is running. 

If you ask “is Total AV good?”, then it can be said that it has successfully identified 12 of the ransomware files from the 15 in a performed test. Among them, it identified all the 3 virus files. This is a very impressive result. Many of the well-known antivirus software missed some of these viruses. Moreover, some of this software didn’t have the feature to identify the viruses. 

After the process of scanning is completed, you will be given the option to ignore, whitelist, delete or quarantine each malware file. Not many antivirus software offers these options. 

Protection in real-time

Another important feature of Total AV antivirus is its ability to monitor your computer all the time. While you are downloading and running the downloaded files, it is scanning them. The feature of Real-Time Protection is activated by default. If you want you can turn it off, however, it is not recommended. By keeping it on, you will not see any effect on the performance of your computer. 

To check “is Total AV a good antivirus?”, a test was performed to see the effectiveness of the Real-Time Protection feature. Some virus file was intentionally put to download. As soon as the download began, Total AV antivirus detected the virus and put them in quarantine. This is very impressive. 

Another test was performed to check this feature. This time a .zip file with a virus was put to download. This file was allowed to be downloaded. However, at the time of extracting the file, it took quick action and prevented the virus from coming out. 

After all these tests, it can be said that the Real-Time Protection feature of Total AV antivirus is very effective and fast. Additionally, it will not affect the performance of your computer. With this, I hope that it also answers the question “is Total AV safe?

Password vault

This feature of Total AV antivirus will help you to safely store, retrieve and organize the login credentials. To use this feature, first of all, you have to create a master password. Total AV antivirus will then check the strength of your password. This password is stored on your computer and is not sent to the Total AV antivirus. It is done due to security reasons. If you ever forget your password, then you will not be able to enter the vaults ever. 

Another feature is that you can import passwords that you have saved on the browser. You can do this by only one click. The Password Vault of Total AV antivirus can create passwords that are very strong. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of characters. These can be symbols or numbers or any characters that a password contains. 

Icons will be provided by the Password vault for most of the famous websites. This will help you to locate these websites easily. You will not need to see your password frequently. After you have set up your Password vault, you will be asked to install the Password Vault browser extension. You can download it for Chrome or Firefox. This will make the filling of passwords simpler.

You will see the logo of Total AV beside the address bar of the browser after you have installed the browser extension of the Password Vault. After that, whenever you log in to a website, you will see an icon of a padlock in the fields of password and username. Then, you have to click on the icon of the padlock. A window will show up and you will be able to fill the field of password and username by clicking on the option.

System Tune-Up

The TotalAV reviews become even better with the feature of System Tune-Up. This feature helps the computer to run smoothly. In addition, it also helps the users to clear disk space and remove any compromising information that will prove a danger to one’s privacy. 

The tools included in the System Tune-Up are:-

  1. Browser Manager.
  2. Uninstall Applications.
  3. Startup Programs. 

You will be able to keep your online activity private with the help of the Browser Manager. When you are using a browser, it stores cookies. These cookies can let hackers track their online behavior. They can also take this personal information and sell them to make money. 

The feature of Uninstall Applications will help you to clear your computer of any software which is not being used anymore. 

Lastly, the feature of Startup Programs will help you to choose which of the application will start automatically when you restart your computer. When you restart your computer, some applications start up automatically. This can slow down your computer. Hence, you can control which program to start and which to stay closed when you have booted your computer.  


So, if you want to know “is Total AV a good antivirus?” or “is Total AV safe?”, then from the above discussion, it is clear that Total AV antivirus indeed is a good antivirus. It offers top-level security and many additional features that are not present in most of the well-known antiviruses.