A recent analysis shows sharp growth in suicide attempts. Especially, youth is on the top who attempts the suicides for different reasons. The basic reason for death cause is social media interaction. The effects of social media lead to stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

There are suicide groups on social media who make the kids & teens believe about their insecurities. Such group members use their psychological manipulation and convince them to take life. These online groups target the young generation the most because they are vulnerable to online threats.

For example, they can use the fact of a teenager’s personality. Any individual can tell the victim that he/she has a dark skin color or has ugly looks. Such revealing facts make the teenagers think that they are not worthy to live and such an inferiority complex urge them to get self-harmed.

A recent victim story reveals that the boy followed a page on the social media platform where he developed his inferiority complex.

The most targeted kids are the boys because they are more vulnerable to online threats. Teenager boys begin to consume drugs or alcohol that lead them to attempt suicide.

Parents should know about the Suicide Groups and its consequences plus how to protect grooming kids from taking their lives. Let’s explore how to use an android spy app to create a safe cyber space. 

Suicide Group – The Definition 

A group that influences the teenagers to attempt suicide by telling them their flaws is known as the Suicide group. Such suicide groups are formed on different social media platforms where they target a victim in different ways.

Suicide is the second major cause of death worldwide. The most common victims are the youth. We can’t deny real-life problems, but social media groups are also a big cause of online death threats.

Parents should know about the potential dangers around their kids. That’s why kid’s monitoring is the must fact to secure our young generation from online harm.

What Signs Show the kid’s Interaction with Suicide Groups?

Online chatting with strangers can give a difficult time to youth as they mention the insecurities of the victim, including looks, low-productivity or creativity, low self-esteem, peer-pressure, poor bonding with parents or friends, etc. Kids often behave strangely, and parents cannot understand the reason. Let’s have a look at some signs:

1 – It might be possible that victims often share a self-made situation in which they do not suppose them anymore.

2 – A kid can share his/her guilt feelings.

3 – Lack of concentration and interest is also a sign of hopelessness.

4 – They share feelings about how it feels to attempt suicide in general.

5 – They begin to live away from loved ones.


Here, we have shared some important signs to learn if your kid is suffering from anxiety or stress. It can lead to self-harm.

It’s time to explore how parents can help their teens.

Stop Kid’s Interaction with Suicide Groups on Social Media

Parents are responsible for their children’s safety, food, expenditures, education, etc. but they should provide them a secure environment in both the cyber and real-life world. It is easy to manage online activities by using spy tools.

Monitor Online Activities of Teens – Android Spy App

Technology has introduced a simple way to access the target phone remotely. The end-user can track the target phone only after the app installation. Yes, parents need to access the phone to install the app physically, then they can check every activity through a user-friendly control panel. Modern android spy apps allow the end-user to IMs & social media profile monitoring.

What can you track on the target phone?


  • WhatsApp Monitoring
  • Facebook & Messenger
  • GPS location Tracking
  • Text-Messages
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

And Many More!

Such tracking gives parents a chance to find any suspicious activity on their child’s phone. The end-user can watch and take action against any suspicious activity. This makes it easy to check the friend-list on the social media platforms plus group chat. Now, parents can read the chatting between their child and an online friend.


Our new generation is easily influenced by online friends and group chats. Once an online stranger catches your child’s attention, then it will be easy to lead the victim to the suicide attempt. Suicide groups on the social media platform are at its peak, and we need to save our children from falling in such traps. Every online friend is not fake, but we should guard loved ones from any online risk. Using the android spy app, you can easily stop your kid’s interaction with the suicide groups or members.