Don’t you think the baby names that start with C sound extraordinary yet flabbergasting too? Many parents believe these are highly vintage terms to use as names. 

But, if you are modish parents who want to give incredible modish baby boy names that start with C, the list definitely has some special glamor! Your soon-be-arriving baby will feel even more exhilarated with one of these creative baby boy names. 

Do you prefer shorter names like ‘Cane’ or ‘Cory?’ 

Well, these might be some vintage-sounding names, still sound trendy, like Castor, Cassian, or Constantine. 

If you have ever noticed, the name that has led with C sounds extraordinary in combination with the ‘L’ letter, such as ‘Cullen,’ ‘Carlisle,’ and ‘Collins.’ 

Trendy Baby Boy Names Beginning with the Letter ‘C’

CocoFinder has brought up a top-notch list of modish names for your baby boy to cherish your and your kiddo’s memory forever. You can find names of all kinds in this largest directory of baby names.


Now, let’s get straight to our narrowed list:

  • Cain

One of the leading biblical names, ‘Cain,’ has received massive popularity due to its Hebrew origin and specialized meaning ‘possessed’ and ‘spear.’ However, Cain’s heinous homicide activities will always restrain parents from naming him after his baby boy. 

Apart from that, it is quite an essential name because he was the first child of Eve and Adam, a farmer. Therefore, ‘Cain’ becomes a superior choice for those with solid farming relations. Lastly, it is gradually acquiring its eminence. 

  • Caleb

The name ‘Caleb’ has two robust potential diminutions; the first one belongs to the Hebrew components ‘kal’ and ‘lev,’ and the second one from the Hebrew kelev, which means ‘dog.’ Therefore, altogether, ‘Caleb’ means ‘entire heart.’ 

So, if you are rummaging around modish baby boy names that start with C, ‘Caleb’ will be an incredible choice because, in the Old Testament, Caleb is from the two primeval Israelites who start from Egypt to enter their promised land. 

  • Callen

Next, the list includes ‘Callen,’ which is a bit of a unisex name. If you are one of those parents-to-be, love gender-neutral names more than anything, considering this one will give your baby boy a modern touch. 

So, this Gaelic originated name ‘Callen’ means ‘rock,’ which indicates your munchkin will grow up as an influential person as rigid as a rock! However, its newfound modishness has mainly arrived from the Chris O’Donnell character as G. Callen on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ 

  • Callum

Such an elegant yet fashionable name, ‘Callum,’ was derived from Latin Columba, which means ‘dove.’ If you are a dweller of Scotland or have some powerful Scottish roots, this name will remind you of your culture even if you are not an inhabitant now. 

‘Callum’ is significantly famous among Christians as ‘dove’ symbolizes tranquility, morality, and sacred spirit. Your little kiddo will always cherish this name, and he must be a peaceful person after growing up! 

  • Calvin

Don’t you think the name ‘Calvin’ sounds pretty authentic with your little one’s character? It might be a bit peculiar but a comfy name that possesses a reliable fashion edge due to the fashion designer ‘Calvin Klein.’ 

The name means ‘hairless’ or ‘bald,’ and that’s why it’s sufficiently reasonable to name him ‘Calvin.’ It has exponentially been on the significant popularity stakes since records were preserved, and it has ranked 250 among all the fashionable names out there! 

  • Cameron

The name ‘Cameron’ is one of the modish baby boy names that start with C and enormously popular in the USA and other European countries in the world. It mainly originated from a Scottish surname, which means ‘crooked nose.’ 

However, apart from being a renowned and trendy baby boy name, it is nowadays used for girls too, all thanks to Cameron Diaz. However, with its sensitive aura and attractive characteristics, Cameron has also acquired a plethora of offshoots. 

  • Carmelo

Your baby boy will indeed be a blessing for your Hispanic roots, and that’s why you should name him ‘Carmelo,’ which means ‘cultivated terrain.’ 

However, it is a trendy and well-known Hispanic name interlinked with Mt. Carmel, the home of forecaster Elijah and the area of the convent for the order of leading Carmelites. It is also an ancient saint’s name, and the modern era has an eminent basketball player Carmelo Anthony. 

  • Carson

The name ‘Carson’ is the most cherishing and long-running famous androgynous baby boy names, with a spark of the Wild West through the lauded Missouri frontiersman kit Carson. It has ranked higher in popularity as it remains in the top 100 baby names that start with C. 

This sweet name belongs to Irish and Scottish origin and has a robust meaning of ‘son of the marsh-dwellers.’ You must have seen the eminent figures, Carson Kressley and Carson Daly. You must be inspired by this name and want this beautiful moniker for your baby boy! 

  • Caspian

The name ‘Caspian’ indicates a place name, which means ‘white.’ White is a color of purity, holiness, and serenity; that’s why you must want your baby to be a sacred man after growing up. 

Apart from that, Caspian is one of the most prominent geographical names of the large salty sea that interlinks Europe and Asia. However, this cute and modish name gets the most romantic of appellations, and hence, is preferred by most parents. 

  • Chandler 

For a particular generation, the name ‘Chandler’ will always be a popular character named the 1990s hit series ‘Friends.’ It is one of the best French occupational names, which means ‘candle maker.’ 

Whether it is a positive or a negative one, it will rely on your endearment for the show and the eminent character ‘Chandler Bing.’ It mainly deserves primary consideration beyond those connotations!

Concluding words

So, the innovative and modish C-starting names for your baby boy incorporate many alluring choices that start either the hard or the delicate C sound, from Caspian to Chandler and Cain to Callen. 

If you are rummaging for a contemporary, modish, classic, and cool C name for your baby boy, the list offers a deluge of collections here.