Horse racing is a sport that people have enjoyed for centuries, but it has also moved with the times in recent years as mobile apps have made it easier to find out the latest details and place bets. Which are the top apps you should consider downloading?


This is an excellent app that lets you see all of the entries and results from North American racetracks where thoroughbred races take place. In addition, you can also see video replays if you set up a subscription.

You will find a wealth of data on the Entries Plus database, with details of past race results and form. Another added benefit with Equibase is that you get notified right away of any changes, as well as of finding out the details of the current weather conditions at the venue.

They also include betting tools, such as a betting calculator, that you can use to work out what type of wager you want to place. Use the virtual stable on the app to add horses you are interested in, so that you get notified of any activity relating to them. The app is free and you can remove ads for $19.99 each year.


Being able to place bets on horses races anywhere and at any time is a big change to this industry that has helped many people to wager more smartly. Imagine that you find out some important information that could help you to place a great wager, well the Twinspires app means that you can act on it immediately.

The app is available for just about any Android and Apple devices, with free downloading whether you already have an account with them or not. Live stream the top races on your screen and see how your bets work out in real-time.

If we look at the Kentucky Derby contenders list on the Twinspires site, we can see that Essential Quality and Keepmeinmind are at the top of the list at the time of writing.

However, this is almost certain to change before the day of the big race, so using a mobile app lets you stay on top of the changing situation with ease.

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Horse Races Now

This is a good app for anyone who wants to follow live horse races on their Android or Apple device. It offers live video streams and audio for racetracks across North America, with instant results and payoffs.

You can also view race replays from up to two years ago and mark your favorite horses, trainers, and jockeys that you want to follow. With links to racing schedules and horse racing databases, this app lets you get as informed as you need to be to make the right betting choices every time.

This tool is free to download from the App Store or the Google Play Store, with a variety of in-app purchases offered once you get started on it.

Derby Horse Quest

This fun game from Brain Vault takes you away from the world of real-life races and lets you live out the dream of having your own stable of horses. Free to download for Android or iOS devices, it gives you the opportunity to breed new horses and then train them with the help of some mini-games.

The racing aspect lets you control the horse, as you try to make it through the qualifying events and into the Derby Quest Cup, which is the app’s big event.

It might not be the most realistic look at this sport but it promises a few hours of entertainment while you are waiting for the real action to begin.