There are a large number of cable TV providers offering high-quality services in California which is home to around 40 million residents. They also offer a wide range of bundle offers where you can combine TV and internet services to fulfill the connectivity needs. Among the top cable providers include Spectrum cable, Xfinity cable, and Cox cable along with many others. So if you are living in California the options depend upon your exact location. You are also likely to find different forms of TV service available, including satellite TV or fiber TV along with cable TV. Among all, cable TV is the most common TV service provider you will find in most of the regions of California. You can pay month to month and may have to sign a contract. Even though there are multiple ways to watch TV, cable TV is the most reliable. With so many cable providers, packages, and bundles available around you, choosing the right TV provider can get quite challenging. So let us make it easier for you to decide which cable provider can be best for you. So let’s get started:

Xfinity TV

When talking about the best cable TV providers, Xfinity stands among the top ones out there and for all the right reasons. Xfinity’s basic package is among the cheapest ones compared to its other competitors.

Xfinity offers both, contract and without contract plans. Xfinity TV’s Extra plan has more than 140 channels for the viewers including all the popular cable TV networks. You are likely to find very minimal additional charges, unlike other providers who can have many hidden fees.

Spectrum TV

The best part about Spectrum TV is probably the fact that you will not be asked to sign a contract. This means that you can switch whenever you want, without worrying about any early termination charges. This is a real catch for most of the subscribers. Any other provider around you might be sparing a few bucks or maybe offering a couple of more channels but might bind you in a multi-year contract. This might not be acceptable for those who know that ending contracts before due dates are often messy. Spectrum DVR storage is also sufficient and allows you to store 35 HD hours. Spectrum is one of the biggest providers of the region with its footprint in as many as 41 states. So you know you will surely find Xfinity and Spectrum in California.

Verizon FiOS TV

Verizon FiOS is a top choice when it comes to the best channel lineups. And that too without a contract. FiOS is a fiber-optic network, thus be ready to enjoy super fast and reliable services with a plethora of channels. You will also get to enjoy a multi-room DVR. If you want, you will probably have the option to test drive a Verizon FiOS TV plan for 60 days in case it’s available in your area.

Cox TV

With Cox TV, you have the perks of enjoying customizable channels line ups and plans. There are many Cox TV bundle offers available, to choose the one that best fits your needs. Cox bundles come with the best TV bundles including Cox Contour Starter, Cox TV Preferred, Cox TV Ultimate, etc. You can also combine internet, phone, or home security services to enjoy better convenience at a more affordable cost. And you can customize your bundle accordingly.

Factors to Consider while looking for a Cable Provider

The best cable providers are the ones that offer a good dollar-to-channel ratio. You will find the majority of the popular channels and ample storage. So here are some quick factors to look at, that can help you land on the right cable TV provider for your home.

  • Reasonable Pricing: Of course price matters. Look out for a cable TV plan that is not only efficient but also is pocket-friendly.
  • No contract policy: It is highly recommended that you opt for the cable providers with a no-contract policy to avoid getting into any fuss later.
  • Easy Installation: It is better if your cable provider offers easy-to install equipment so you do not have to get professional help.
  • High DVR Storage: the higher the DVR storage space, the more content you can store and enjoy watching later.
  • Extensive channel line-up: While choosing a cable TV plan for your home, be sure to check out the variety of channels it offers. The higher the channel count, the better.

Wrapping Up,

If you are looking for a suitable cable TV provider in your area, the aforementioned ones are the top picks that you should consider as they are more reliable and offer extraordinary customer support services. If you want to make the most out of your money, then you should definitely consider these above-mentioned recommendations.