Microsoft corporation has gained the utmost popularity regarding the Windows Operating System. As time goes by, they have been steadily upgrading the OS to the ultimate level. From the millions of Windows users, all over the world, most people state different aspects of using varied Windows OS and try to distinguish between Windows 10 vs Windows 7. 

Yes, Windows 7 was one of the most popular OS for office and personal use. Despite the discontinuation of its updates from the hosting giant, many people still use it and prefer it over the latest Windows 10. Let’s see what they really have to say about some of the major distinguishing factors between these two OS. 

Starting from the Scratch 

Let’s go back to some 10 years before when Windows 7 was released. At that time the technological requirements of people were different. Now, things have changed. The way people used to think at that time is much different from now. For the comparison, you need to have a look from the very beginning and then compare between Windows 10 vs Windows 7. 

The Overview 

First, let’s go through the user-interface, then you can notice that Windows 7 is inherited from its predecessor, 98 and XP. The concept is all the same with some additional aspects. According to some analysis performed by the experts, the spectacular aero effects, with multiple colours, have gained a lot of people’s attention. 

Windows 10’s user interface has been newly created by Microsoft. The UI style matches its predecessors Windows 8 and 8.1. As usual, due to the logical and advanced programming, the UI is also more flexible than that of Windows 7. The features are handier and have more shortcuts. This helps the users to get what they want at the tip of the mouse pointer. 

Main Menu and its Applications

The main menu is one of the ultimate things which you can compare Windows 10 vs Windows 7. With limited items in the main menu, the functionality of Windows 7 is also short-handed. Whereas in Windows 10, the official Microsoft Store is present at the main menu. This has created a major comparison between the two OS. The option of shutting down has also been upgraded to the Power button. 

Control Panel or Settings?

Are you still confused and mixing up these two things? Well, it’s obvious when you upgrade your system. The Control Panel is the gateway to the main system settings in Windows 7, whereas, Settings is for Windows 10. But, if you look closely, apart from the OS upgrade, there are not many features in the Settings. Yes, one factor that needs to be highlighted is that the categories of the Settings are sorted at the left-hand side. In the Control Panel, this facility is not there. 

The AI Touch 

There is no question of artificial intelligence within Windows 7. It is just a simple graphical user interface. Windows 10 has its dedicated AI known as Cortana. You might not have to type what you want in the search box, just speak and Cortana will do it for you. Regarding this matter, Windows 10 holds a major edge in the battle of Windows 10 vs Windows 7. 

Activities at a Glance 

This term actually goes with the Windows 10 OS. It means the recently opened items. In Windows 7, a few recent opened items will be present when you will access the Start menu option. But in Windows 10, the matter is something different. At the section of “Life at glance”, not only you can access the recently opened items, but also you can see the weather forecast, system pictures slide showing one by one, shortcut to the Microsoft store, calendar, Skype and others. Thus, there is more flexibility at a glance with Windows 10 vs Windows 7. 

The Updates 

If you talk about the updates, then the issue will be quite straightforward. Microsoft has stopped providing updates to the users of Windows 7. The production also stopped a long time ago. However, people who still use Windows 7 are satisfied with the previous updates. 

As the latest version of Windows is 10, Microsoft Corporation is delivering all the necessary updates to the users of Windows 10. If you face any type of system problems in Windows 7, you have to format your entire computer, and then restore the OS by using a bootable USB drive. Compared to version 10, all the fixes will be easily done by downloading the updates, automatically. 

Boot and Application Time 

The certain analysis states that the boot time of Windows 10 is much faster than that of Windows 7. This same thing happens to the application time, too. After the system is preloaded, Windows 10 boots up, all the applications load into the main queue, ready to be processed. In the battle between Windows 10 vs Windows 7, version 7 is a bit slow compared to 10. Here also Windows 10 holds the most advantage over Windows 7. 

The Primary Key Aspects

If you want to look at some of the main key aspects, the first one that is to be considered is the security. Experts say that Windows 10 is more secure than Windows 7. Microsoft has reconfigured the firewall from being attacked by intruder access. The dedicated security application, which is Microsoft security essentials is also upgraded. If you don’t opt for any type of third-party software, then the dedicated application will do just fine. All you need to do is, keep the application up-to-date. 


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Wrapping Up

System OS upgrade is necessary. That is why most of the tech experts always suggest to stop using 7 and opt for 10. If you are having a motherboard based on Windows 7, then it can be a hectic situation for you to install the latest OS. In such cases, the upgrade of the entire hardware and software is mandatory.